The Raid by Keary Taylor


The Raid by Keary Taylor

The Eden Trilogy 0.6

Add to your good reads to read list!

I have been a huge fan of the Eden series since I first stumbled on Eden on Amazon.  What I loved most about this story is that It is not your normal dystopian /post apocalyptic novel, It was completely different to any other story that I have read.

So with a heavy heart I am sorry to say I was a bit disappointed in The Raid, I found it confusing to find where it is placed in the timeline from the Eden books, as well as characters I did not recognize. The major problem I had with the story is the confusing change in the name of the zombie/bionic hybrid humans.  I did enjoy the story, that it is a short read from the Eden universe and I have really missed this series and waiting with bated breath for the next installment.

The raid is about Eve and her friends from Eden going on a raid through the city and the dangers of facing The Bain (humans that were given bionic organ or limb transplants that turned them into bionic zombies). The story is light and short but with one major twist with how The Bain are evolving.

I would highly recommend that you start off reading The Bain first before you read this story even for those of us who have read Eden.  This series is amazing and is soon going to be made into a movie which I cannot wait for.  I will be re-reading The Bain so that I can appreciate the difference in the stories which Keary has rewritten.

Although I am disappointed in the changes as a die hard Eden fan. I understand that some people don’t like change so I am going to read The Bain and hope that the changes are for the better.


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