Something a little bit different…….

This is a subject close to my heart, I have two wonderful, beautiful children, both have Autism.  Reading is escaping for me, I love my children to the moon and back but it can be very stressful and I need time to unwind and thanks to net galley I got a chance to review a childrens book.  For those that don’t know Autistic children have trouble understanding emotions, my little princess in particular can throw violent rages, it is frustrating to try to get her to understand what she is feeling and why, so for tonight’s bedtime story we read a very sweet and charming, Princess Addison gets Angry written by Molly Martin.

princess addison

From Goodreads: Princess Addison is used to getting whatever she wants. But when it starts raining and she can’t go outside with her dogs, she gets very angry. Princess Addison becomes Princess Angry and must learn how to deal with her emotions.

Add it to your goodreads

My little princess loved this colorful and bright story with easy to understand language and illustrations this book is a must for anyone who has a child that may be having trouble understanding their emotions.  This book was then easy to lead onto a conversation on what we do when we feel angry.


One thought on “Something a little bit different…….

  1. This looks perfect for my outRAGEous 4 year old, who is constantly having to battle for her rights against two much bigger brothers. She growls! 🙂

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