Top Ten Thursday

If you could only save ten books what would they be?


father mine

I Can’t get enough of Bella and Zadist this would have to be my favorite love story.

circus of the damned

Vampires, Zombies, Necromancers, Shifters and Bounty hunters what more could you want?


ill wind
I didn’t think that this series would grab me, but I could hardly put them down.

the iron queen

This story is a great fairy tale, I loved the humor as well as the strength the characters show.


odd thomas

My Mother in law got me onto this one and I will be forever thankful for it. this is an amazing thrilling story.



This is a novel that I have read and reread numerous times. Being an Australian teenager at the time this came out, it was scary yet inspiring that normal teens could make a difference in the world. I wanted to be Ellie, strong, brave, loving. She was the first kick ass heroine I admired.


hunger games

I read the whole trilogy in a weekend, I could not put it down. but this was my favorite. I love how katniss constantly sacrifices for those she loves. this novel could have me laughing, crying and whooping with pride. what more could you ask for in a story.

the princess bride

This was the first large novel I had ever read I believe I was around 13 when I first read it, I have now read it about ten times. I loved how this novel had everything in it, action, love, adventure and monsters, but most I loved the ending, and for those that have read it will know what a surprise it is when the movie is completely different.


club dead

Those who know me well will probably be surprised by this as I am obsessed with the Southern Vampire Mysteries. I loved this book the most out of all the Sookie books, we were just starting to see Eric emerge as a main character and see his evil charm, as well as Sookie starting to emerge as a true ass kicking heroine.


blood and gold

Out of all the Vampire Chronicles This is my favorite by far. To me Marius was the first “nice” Vampire, I loved that he was sensitive yet tough. The sense of History that Anne would inject in her stories, it wasn’t just a love story with a fluffy vampire. It was still scary but you could feel for him. Marius will always be my most loved literature vampire.


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