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You will Find that I love and Support Indie Books.  Three years ago I moved to a small town in rural QLD, We don’t have a bookstore and our local library is shut on weekends. I would have to travel over an hour to the closest book store and then I couldn’t always afford them with two toddlers both with medical problems that I would have to travel up to an hour to visit their doctors. Two years ago I discovered The UK  Book Depository and I started buying from them, I would have to wait up to two weeks to receive my goodies, but it was worth it for the free shipping and cheap books.  Then my life changed forever last year I discovered my kindle and Amazon, Now I scour amazon for Indie books, at first I thought they would be similar to watching a B grade movie. I was amazed about how wonderful these stories are and I was converted these amazing authors go through a lot to produce these stories, they are not selling billions because of great marketing but they are selling because of the blood sweat and tears that go into these novels.

I will always happily read, review and promote Indie books, give them ago they are worth it.

Here are my Top Ten Indie Books.


The Girl In the Lighthouse Saga.

By  Roxane Tepfer Sanford

I was recommended this e-book on Goodreads I am a Big fan of V.C Andrews and this is similar writing style.


Buy It Now:The Girl in the Lighthouse

9.  The Eden Trilogy (The Bane)

By Keary Taylor

This is a Dystopian and One of my favorites soon to be made into a movie.

the raid


The Pack Seduction Series

By Stacey Espino

18 +

This series is a sexy, werewolf  Story with the perfect mix of erotica, paranormal, action and romance.


Buy it Now:Claiming Their Mate (Pack Seduction)


Agents of Evil Series

By Megan Duncan

This is an Urban dystopian, a great read.


Buy it now:Released, an Urban Dystopian (Agents of Evil Series, Book 1)


The Fire Opal

By Connie Flynn

This is an amazing story about Voodoo and magic.


Buy it now:The Fire Opal


The Mystic Wolves Series

By Belinda Boring

This series is written by a fellow Aussie and I can’t get enough of this werewolf series.

mystic wolves

Buy It now:The Mystic Wolves



By Donna Burgess

This is a great Heart pounding Zombie Apocalypse Ebook.


Buy It Now:Solstice: a novel of the Zombie Apocalypse


Road to hell Series

By Gracen Millar

This is a great battle between good and evil.

Buy It now:Pandora’s Box (The Road to Hell Series)


The Hollows

By Amanda Hocking

This is another Excellent Zombie Dystopian.


Buy it Now:Hollowland (The Hollows, #1)



By Hugh Howey

I could not put this Series down! I love it and can’t wait for the Movie


Buy it now

What are your favorites? Indie Authors please feel free to plug your books
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4 thoughts on “Thursdays Top Ten

  1. I know what it’s like to have no access to a bookshop. I stayed on an island in the Bahamas for a few years off and on, and while it was great, my main issue with it was a complete lack of bookshops (not even one within driving distance). This was in the pre-kindle days and we had to resort to trading books between us – when you arrived on the island with a new book there was almost a queue of people waiting to read it next. There are some quesitonable things about Amazon but easy access to new ebooks from pretty much anywhere in the world isn’t one of them!

    Anyway, as an indie author, I’m going to take you up on your offer of a shamelss plug. I recently wrote and indie-published a book called ‘For Those In Peril On The Sea’ which is about four strangers who get stranded on a yacht when a mutate virus turns everyone left on land into zombie-like infected. It’s more post-apocalyptic thriller than horror and it’s got some pretty good reviews so far. If you want to check it out, you can find it on Amazon here:

  2. Great list 🙂 I also live in a small, no bookshop, town, so my Kindle is my most prized posession.

    Have you read any of Elle Casey’s books. She writes YA and her Apocalypsis series and her YA Fantasy War of the Fey is brilliant 🙂

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