The Vampires Promise – Review

The Vampire’s Promise

Deadly Offer

by Caroline B Cooney


Expected Publication: January 2013

Publisher:Open Road Young Readers




When you make a deal with a vampire, there’s no chance to change your mind. Or is there?

Althea is a nobody who wants to be somebody. She wants to be noticed, to have friends, to be part of the popular crowd. Then she meets the vampire who lives in the circular tower in her new house.

The vampire says that he can make her popular–more popular than she ever imagined she could be. All Althea has to do is agree to a simple deal. So simple a promise, but so evil.

First Line:

“suppose,” it said in its voice like antique silk, faded and slightly torn, “that I could make you popular.”

My Review:


When I was a Teen in the 90’s I loved reading almost as much as I do now. I grew up on Point Horror novels and Caroline B Cooney was one of my favourites. Back then this novel was called The Cheerleader. I was extremely excited to see this re-released and Netgalley and Open road looking for reviewers.

It was definitely a blast from the past reading this and I would highly recommend this for any young teens. I could not fully get into this story because I can no longer relate to any of the characters but back when I was a young teen I would have done anything to make friends.

This story is big on the theme that you should be careful what you wish for. Althea is lonely she has no friends, and she wants to be a popular cheerleader for her school, so she makes a deal with a Vampire who lives in her house. Things turn against Althea though when she realises that the Price of her Popularity might not be worth what she is paying for it.

Even though I loved these books when I was young and not so much now, I will still be happy to re-read any books that are re-released for nostalgia’s sake.



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