A Rough Week.



This week I have been pretty quiet I wanted to take part in more April challenges, but between work, my children feeling a bit out of whack and health problems of my own, it has been a rough week.


So feeling a bit emotional today I have decided to go off topic. don’t worry I will not do it often 🙂 but I thought my followers might like to get to know me a bit better.


I have touched on certain parts of my life through some of my posts, I wanted this blog to be about books and my love of reading and meeting and getting to know like-minded people.  This is my first blog but I have been following some wonderful ones for years now.


I first became Interested in blogs around three years ago.  I have always been a reader, to disappear into fairy tales, stories of love, hope, horror people always came out stronger by the time the story ended and eventually got a happy ending.  (well with the exception of my favourite growing up William Goldman’s The Princess Bride.) I automatically thought my life would be a fairy tale, I met and fell in love with the man of my dreams.  Like most fairy tales It wasn’t always smooth sailing.  Then my wonderful Prince came along, from birth he was very active, I could not keep up with him, he didn’t sleep well and it was hard to settle him.  He was happiest outside running wild so I would take him to the park for large chunks of everyday.  We loved our prince so much that we decided to add to our little happy family and when our little prince was 21 months old our little princess came along.


This time in our lives was the hardest we thought that by the time our princess was born, our prince would be starting toilet training, sleeping through the night and into a big prince bed. but none of that was happening.  Things got even harder after princess was born, she wouldn’t settle I had to sleep sitting up with her on my chest, the only way to keep them both happy during the day was to take them to the park everyday and constant movement helped princess settle and the enclosed park allowed prince to run free.


As they got older we noticed strange things with prince, he needed his sheets on his bed, his pillows in certain positions and we couldn’t go away on holiday without him having terrible screaming matches all day and in the middle of the night.  At five am I would get up when we were away and take him for a walk so he wouldn’t wake anyone else up and we would count, cars, trees, signs and he would eventually calm down.


It all came to a head when one day shopping at a local department store he threw the biggest tantrum, because I would not allow him to sort the shoes in the shoe section.


At the Age of three prince was diagnosed with mild Autism. Two years later Princess was diagnosed with Pervasive development disorder not otherwise specified.  which is also a form of Autism.


Desperate I turned to blogs and found others that were in similar situations, this changed my life seeing other parents dealing with the same things we dealt with and knowing that we weren’t alone.


I am going to show some blog love here and add my favourite blogs that have helped me through some rough times.


I would like to add that These women are so brave telling the world that their lives aren’t perfect. I respect them and love that they have the courage to speak out what it really is like to live with Autism, and to help parents like me feel that we are not alone.






If you would like to learn about Autism, not the disorder but our lives please take the time to check out these wonderful ladies.


I would like to add that Although time can be tough at our house, I would not change my children for the world, Prince now 6 is incredibly intelligent, he knows how to use a computer, surf youtube for his favourite videos, he is great with science and loves to know how everything works. He loves motorbike riding and playing Playstation.  He still struggles with social problems and literacy, but he doesn’t give up, he is my greatest strength, and my little mate.


Princess now 4, struggles still with sensory issues and  anger management, but she is still young and has plenty of time to grow into to the beautiful young princess she is becoming.  She is a little bulldozer, loves to play football and help out. She keeps everyone entertained for way longer than we want to be with her imaginative and fun stories. She is a great Joy to be around.


I get the occasional comment from people who say my children are the reason they don’t want kids. Yes everyday is a struggle but they are my heart and soul and every day with them is a gift.




2 thoughts on “A Rough Week.

  1. What a wonderful post. My oldest was diagnosed with PDD-NOS and severe sensory integration disorder. He’s ten now and in a regular fifth grade class with the help of a para teacher. I only just discovered blogs, but I could have used them after those days when something so simple as not letting him organize the shelves turned into fleeing the store with a trail of scalding eyes locked on the screaming mad dash out the main doors. Will loves the computer too! He’s amazing at it and reading is a real challenge. I wrote captions in all his early learning books using words he knew so he’d pay more attention to the story. That really helped. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thats a great Idea about the captions, he is able to memorize whole books but can’t sound out words, I think your suggestion will really help, this is what I love about blogs meeting new people and sharing experiences and suggestions. I am glad you liked my post, I get a lot of disapproval when I mention the A word and my children, some people will just never understand. But considering that April is Autism Awareness month I decided to put it out there and thank the people that have contributed to my sanity over the years.

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