The Wolves of Climax – Review

The Wolves of Climax Series

18 +

By Stacey Espino


Publisher: Siren Publishing



Blurb: Taken from Book 1


Cassidy moves out of the only city she’s ever known and heads to the distant town of Climax, British Columbia. Her grandfather left her an estate, and she lined up a job in the small mining town.

She arrives and discovers that her inheritance is nothing more than a run-down shack, and the men she’s supposed to work with are drop-dead gorgeous.  It’s impossible to resist the advances of the men in Climax, especially when she’s never felt so isolated.

Garret is the foreman of the Gregor Copper Mine, but also alpha to a small pack of wolf shifters. Recent events in Climax have made life complicated—loggers are trying to encroach on their land, one of their pack mates is missing, and their new female dispatcher is a mouth-watering distraction. When Cassidy is threatened, the men band together, realizing the little human is more important to them than they ever imagined.

My Review:


Stacey Espino’s Wolves of Climax was my first venture into reading erotic Paranormal Romance. Although the stories are short they are the perfect mix of Romance, Erotica, Paranormal, Adventure and Mystery.  The cliffhangers at the end of each story leaves you wanting more.  I am sad to see this series end, I loved the Pack and their devotion to Cassidy. With five tough sexy werewolves to protect her Cassidy still manages to get herself into a lot of trouble when moving to the small town of Climax.  In the first installment we meet Cassidy she is sick of living a lonely life in the city as an orphan she has no ties to family, except for a long lost half brother that she cannot track down.  when her grandfather dies and leaves her a house in Climax she decides to move and try to learn more about her family.  She manages to fall in love with a pack of werewolves and the reader is in for a fantastic, paranormal adventure. I have rated this series 5 hearts.  I recommend it to any Adults that wants a little spice in their paranormal stories.


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