Book Discussion – Are We living in A Dystopian World?


What did you think of this Video? is it a trailer for a book? or a movie? or is it real life?

I use to be a computer technician and one thing that fascinates me is computer hacking. The Above video is from a group of Hactavists called Anonymous. They say their objective is to bring the truth to the people and create a non violent revolution for the people.

Their videos remind me of numerous Dystopian novels that I have read, where people don’t even realise that they are being oppressed. which brings me to the questions could we be living in a dystopian world already? what do you think?


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5 thoughts on “Book Discussion – Are We living in A Dystopian World?

  1. The video is hardcore. I remember reading 1984 when I was a kid and then watching Handmaid’s Tale and V is for Vendetta. All of them portrayed a world with clear oppression. This was before the wave of dystopian craziness. I think there’s some comfort in seeing such drastic worlds so we don’t have to think about all the smaller compromises we make on a daily basis.

  2. Thats true Robyn, People believe that nothing we could do as an individual could make a difference in the world. Yet mostly in dystopian novels, it only takes one person to start a revolution. and we believe that the drastic stories that we read are entertainment, because nothing like that could happen to our world, yet here are a group that started as one person creating mischief on the internet, which has now bloomed into a cyber revolution, that people are joining everyday from all over the world. It just reminds me that some of the fantasy that we read may not be as far off as we may believe. Not wanting my blog to get into politics but It is surprising to find these videos on the internet and the causes they take up. It is like reading the start of a dystopian novel. It also reminds me of a T.V show I use to watch when I was younger Dark Angel, where their was a cyber Hactavist that tried to make the world a better place.

    • I loved Dark Angel! It does have that feel. I just watched a repeat of NCIS where Abby says something like “I used to be an anarchist.” “Used to be?” “Too many rules.” I like the idea of being more conscious of the world around me, but in a way that doesn’t make me miserable like helping someone who needs it or standing up for someone who can’t.

      • I think the world needs more people that are willing to help others. Thanks for the engaging conversation, I was wondering what other people thought, I was glad to be able to discuss it with someone 🙂 my family tend to tune out when i discuss books lol, its why I love having a blog

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