April Wrap Up

April has been a very eventful month for me, I have been working more as well as learning to juggle family, work and blogging commitments   I also took part in my first Blog Tour which I absolutely loved, and would like to be involved in more.

I have also found out that setting out a list on  what I should read each month does not go very well as I got very distracted by other books.


Here is what I read in April


  1. The Vampire’s Promise Deadly Offer by Caroline B Cooney
  2. Influential Magic by Deanna Chase
  3. Climax for 6 by Stacey Espino 
  4. Soul Walker by Robyn Jones
  5. Soul Bender by Robyn Jones
  6. The Elite by Keira Cass


Did Not Finish

  1. Age of Eve Return of the Nephilim by D M Pratt

Challenge Updates

One Book marked off list.



2 thoughts on “April Wrap Up

  1. I can’t plan my reads at all. I go by my library’s due dates and then my current mood. Of course after The Indigo Spell I had to break out the big guns to follow that so I’m in the middle of my own copy of Frost Burned by Patricia Briggs. So Good! I’m glad you enjoyed the tour. I did too!

    • I found that I was getting stressed trying to keep up with what books were on my list then I was having trouble reading them because I wanted to read something else, so this month I am roughly following my list and I am going to read two books at once, one for me and one for review.

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