Hidden Fire – Review

australian author review

Hidden Fire

by Alexis Fleming

Expected Publication: June 2013

Length: 187 pages


Genre:  Outback paranormal romance

Publisher:  Harlequin Enterprises Australia

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Synopsis from Goodreads

Gili Adams is willing to do anything to protect her parents, even travel to Australia in search of the mythical opal, the Dreamtime Fire. But her resolve is tested when she has to enlist the help of anthropologist Morgan Hunt, the Guardian of the opal and the man who once accused her of using her feminine wiles to steal a priceless artefact.She’s faced with an impossible choice: lie to the man she never wanted to lose or risk her parents’ lives.
Nothing can be allowed to stand in her way… not even her own heart.

 My Review:


I was so excited when I received this book, I love books set in Australia and it is rare to find one thats plot is focused on the mythology and legends of the Australian Aboriginal.

Hidden fire is about a woman called Gili whose parents are being threatened by bad men, if Gili doesn’t travel to Australia and retrieve the Opal called the Dreamtime Fire, which is an important piece of Aboriginal heritage and legends.

To retrieve the Opal, Gili meets up with ex boyfriend Morgan, who is against helping Gili retrieve the Opal, and after Gili gets stranded and Morgan comes to the rescue, things heat up between them, and spooky funness occurs.

This is a fun light Adventure read about the Aussie Outback and Aboriginal mythology. I would really recommend it.


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