Ebook Piracy from an Author’s Perspective – Gracen Miller Interview

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We all know that downloading anything on the Internet is illegal, but there are a large amount of people that think they are not hurting anyone by doing this. Now with the Introduction of E-readers, it is becoming easy just to download pirated copies onto ebook readers without thought. If you are against Ebook Piracy feel free to grab my button on the sidebar to show your support.

In today’s world there is no excuse for downloading illigal copies, most libaries stock ebooks now to borrow as well as websites such as Amazon.com and Smashwords.com where you can buy ebooks for as little as 99cents or even free. Why steal it? and it is Stealing and it does hurt people.


Gracen Miller is a popular Paranormal Indie Author, such as The Road to hell series and Taboo Kisses. Gracen has recently found out that her books are being illegally pirated on the Internet, I was able to Interview Gracen to find out how It feels when you find out your hard work is being illegally downloaded.

How much approximately does it cost to publish your own books? 

 Gracen: That’s tough to put a dollar amount on because the time to write the books takes months alone. And my time is more valuable than money sometimes, especially when my time is being taken away from family time.

What do you have to pay for? eg. editing, cover art, etc.

 Gracen: The basic fees for publishing books are for an editor, cover artist, someone to format the eBook (I do this myself, so it steals my time away from writing), and print costs if the book is going into print. Editor fees alone can run into the hundreds and cover artists aren’t typically cheap either. The more qualified the editor is, the higher they charge. The better the graphic artist or the more detailed your cover, also, equals higher costs. But, as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.

Do you have to pay sites for them to host your books?

Gracen: No, the host site like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc., they receive a percentage of my book sales, so there are no upfront costs.

How much time does it take away from your family for you to write a book?

Gracen: I’m lucky that my husband allows me to stay at home, so I try to get all of my writing done before the kids get home from school. It doesn’t always work out. Sometimes I have errands that have to be ran during my writing hours, so when the family’s home, I’m having to get my writing in. The weekends are when we have the biggest issues because the family wants my undivided attention and so do my characters. Vacation time can also create drama because I want to write instead of lounge on the beach. Last year I used the notepad app on my Nook to write while I lounged on the beach, so we were all happy.

What is the difference in borrowing a book from the library than downloading a book? 

Gracen: When someone borrows a book from the library, no one else can borrow that book at the same time and they have to return it before another can borrow it—obviously. When someone downloads one of my eBooks for free from a pirate site, there’s the potential for millions to download it at once and they never have to return it. So those who download a pirated book could in turn pirate it to another site. I’m not opposed to the lending apps Nook and Amazon allow because it’s much like a library and the book reverts back to the original owner within a specified number of days.

What would you like to say to those who are downloading your books illegally?

 Gracen: I could spew hate and scream how I’d like for someone to steal something from them that they’ve poured their soul into, but I won’t. What I want the pirate/downloader to realize is this is my job. There’s a huge misconception that authors are wealthy. Wrong! I spend more money a year on bookmarks and various other swag, and shipping that swag to readers, than I make from selling books in a year. I don’t receive an advance for writing a book. I only receive money when one of my books is sold and I have to share that with my publisher and the site that hosts my book. The pirate/downloader doesn’t work for free and would be horrified if you asked them to work for free—as they should be! If they went into their job tomorrow and their boss told them they weren’t going to get paid that done for their work, none of them would remain. So why should they expect authors to work for free. If you wouldn’t buy my book, then don’t download it from a pirate site. If you love my books and respect me as an author, you won’t download my book from a pirate site or upload it to one. If you have a shred of decency in your morals, then you won’t download my book from a pirate site or upload it to one.

How much time do you spend roughly a week trying to stop the sites uploading your books?

Gracen: I devote one day a week to hunting down pirated copies of my book and sending takedown letters. It always takes a full down to do this because I find so many, which takes away valuable writing time. It’s disheartening to see people steal my work like that and I’m rarely in the right frame of mind to write afterward. But if I didn’t stay on top of the pirates, within a month, the number of times my book could be pirated/downloaded would be astronomical.

Some authors are putting out the argument that pirating is good for their books, and generates more interest? What is your view on this?

Gracen: I don’t buy that theory at all. But what one author does with their book is their business. As for me, I don’t want and I do not approve the pirating of my books. Each of my books is legally copyrighted with The United States Copyright Office, which makes any downloader or uploader a thief by law and a criminal. I don’t hesitate to report illegal activities to the FBI.

How do you feel when you find out that a blogger you have trusted with an ARC has betrayed you and placed your books on an uploading site?

 Gracen: That’s the worst sort of betrayal. When I trust someone enough to give them an advanced copy of my book, I expect the courtesy of professionalism from them. Bloggers that pirate are the worst sort of scum in my book and I spread their name and their blog name around on the web like wildfire so that other authors can protect themselves.

So basically people, If you love an Author and want them to continue writing their stories, SUPPORT THEM by buying their books, not downloading them on dodgy sites.

For More Information about Gracen Miller and her books:

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5 thoughts on “Ebook Piracy from an Author’s Perspective – Gracen Miller Interview

  1. Wow! I never actually realized that this was a problem (guess I’m naive). It especially makes me sad to hear that bloggers would post an ARC of a book that they received. What benefit would they even get from doing this? I hope that these sites that are posting illegal books are shut down.

  2. I’m with Nicole, I didn’t really know this was a problem never having downloaded one myself or stumbled upon sites that have them. I believe that pirating is stealing as well and understand the hurt it can cause to the originator. What a great post! Jaclyn @ JC’s Book Haven.

    • Thanks for stopping by, It really is a big problem at the moment, the goal of the post was to let people know it is happening and it does hurt people, Especially Gracen’s books are only 2.99 on Amazon they are not expensive and are definitely worth it. and unfortunately there are people out there that don’t know they are doing something wrong by downloading them.

  3. Wow, I really appreciate this post, Jodie. One of my favorite authors, Cherise Sinclair mentions problems with piracy, but this really drives it home for me. I will add another difference between pirating a book vs. using your public library. Often times when you fall in love with a book at the library you want to own it for yourself. Libraries actually help book sales and they start by buying the books in the first place. I would be proud to have my books in any public library. And I am shocked to hear of any book blogger contributing to piracy. Grrh.

    • I know it is horrible it reflects badly on all of us too. If authors don’t trust us with their books then we won’t have anything to blog about. I do know people who have downloaded books and they have said to me that there is no difference in getting it from a library but there is and thats what I wanted to get through to people.

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