Tough to Love – Review



By Ava Catori

Expected Publication: May 2013

Length: 86 pages


Publisher: Independant

Source: ARC from Netgalley

Genre:  New Adult

Read If you liked:  Quick and Gritty Read

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Synopsis from Goodreads

Hardened from past hurts, can Avery West and Steel Brickman find the strength to heal one another? Steel’s intensity is overbearing and strong, crushing Avery’s ability to breathe. Avery’s wall is so thick – it seems almost impenetrable. Tangled in a mess of pain and desire, the two must learn to trust one another to find their own salvation.

 My Review:


This novella is what I would call a real true love story, It isn’t love at first sight nor is it a fairy tale, It is an honest, heartbreaking and Realistic Romance.   Avery West was betrayed by her family in the worst possible way, now left on her own, to heal her emotional wounds, she meets Steel Brickman local football player and celebrity.    Steel has his own emotional problems to work though and gets drawn to Avery.  They fall In love, they are what I would see as a realistic romance.  I was really drawn to Avery as she had to deal with a horrendous betrayal by her family, feeling broken and raw, she just wanted to hide from the world.  Steel is her saviour, drawing her out of her shell and helping her heal her soul.  Things aren’t  all rosy with their relationship though, Avery still has to deal with the feeling that come from starting a relationship after a sexual Assault and Steel’s anger issues.

I found Tough Love to be a beautiful, raw and refreshing romance, different from the usual happy ever after fairy tales.  I highly recommend this book for anyone wanting a quick and emotional read.



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