Fridays Feature and Follow Number #6


The goal of Parajunkee and Alison can reads feature and follow friday blog hop is so that bloggers can gain new followers and make new friends. To learn more About this meme click here

I am looking forward to taking part in this Meme since I am only a new blogger, I love to connect with others to make friends and to see what others are talking about.

This Weeks Question.

Q: What is your preferred reading format? Hardcover, eBooks, paperback etc?

If you had of asked me this last year I would have told you straight away no hesitation paperback, They are light and flexible enough that they can be carried anywhere and I could use them in the bath.

As of Today I have used an Ipad, Computer, cheap ereader and phones to read.  Last year I brought myself a Kindle and Fell in Love.  I buy most of my ebooks on Amazon (one click is so quick and addictive), when I am broke there is always free books on Amazon. I can take all my books everywhere with me. I don’t have to try to fit 3 or more paperbacks in a bag when I go on holiday, And I will let you in on a secret, the last person I told this secret to gasped in horror.  If I am really careful I still take my kindle with me in the bath.

I miss the sensory aspect of paperbacks and I still have a large library in my room, But I think Ebooks are for me.




9 thoughts on “Fridays Feature and Follow Number #6

  1. I love having my physical library and being able to see or grab them whenever makes me happy. But there’s no more room and e-books have solved that problem nicely! It’s so much easier to take an e-reader with tons of books on it whereever I go and you can get such great deals! Thanks for stopping by my FF and have a great weekend 🙂

    • Have a great weekend too thanks for stopping by, My physical library is my greatest possession lol I have also run out of room and my husband complains, plus it is easier to sneak buy ebooks than paperbacks or hardcovers lol

  2. You’re so right about that quick one-click way to get e-books and even all the free ones available. It’s so nice when you’re short on cash. I didn’t gasp though on the bath thing because I’ve been bad and done that before too. I only take baths really when I’m not feeling well and I want to read in there lol. I’ve seen people post about placing their Kindle in a zip lock bag (like you do with phones on water rides at theme parks) to keep them safe in there in case of dropping them in. Thank you so much for stopping by my FF. Old follower 😀 Jaclyn @ JC’s Book Haven.

    • The bath is the only way to guarantee i won’t be disturbed when I read, I lock everyone out. lol I probably shouldn’t have thought it would be shocking to other die hard readers, my family can’t believe that I spent so much money on my kindle then risk it in the bath. In all the years I have read in the bath I have only ever dropped 3. The Ziplock bag is a good Tip though thanks.

  3. New follower, glad to meet with a fellow-Aussie blogger.

    Like you, had you asked me a year ago I would definitely have said printed but ebook is really growing on me. However, with series and books I know that I’d re-read I would still choose printed.

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