After the Fall by Robin Summers – Review


After the fall 

By Robin Summers

Expected Publication: July 2011

Length: 288 pages


Publisher: Bold Strokes Books

Source: Bought for personal library

Genre:  Dystopian

Read If you liked: post apocalyptic stories, F/F romance

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Synopsis from Goodreads

When the world ends, what’s left to care about?

Taylor Stone is no hero. She has three simple rules for life after the plague: Keep moving. Keep to yourself. Don’t get involved. The plague took a particular joy in killing the women of the world, making it that much harder for the few who survived. The only thing that matters since she escaped from a small farm outside of Pittsburgh is the truth waiting at the end of her journey home. The rest of the world, or what’s left of it, can go straight to Hell as far as she’s concerned.

When a group of survivors offers her food and shelter, she is more than happy to spend a few days, take what she needs, and get out, like she always does. But in a place called Burninghead Farm, despite all her rules and plans, Taylor finds a group of people who have more to offer than the basics of survival. Most of all, there is Kate, a woman who makes Taylor realize love is still alive and makes her dream of a future she thought was no longer possible. If only Taylor can find the courage to fight for it.

It turns out that the end of the world isn’t about the end of the world at all, but about what happens after.

 My Review:


This is one of those books, that I was talking about that I took a gamble a while ago and brought it without reading the blurb, I know what a rebel. lol I liked the simple cover which conveyed a dystopian novel with a strong female protagonist. I was flipping through my kindle looking for something to read, I was in one of those moods that I wasn’t sure what I wanted to read and I already had a few books open.

I started reading After the Fall and was instantly drawn in.  Taylor starts of as a bit of a hard arse, that doesn’t take shit from no one, she travels alone on a dangerous trip to find her family after most of the world is wiped out by a virus pandemic.  (unfortunately there are no zombies, but in this story you don’t need them, it is a perfect view of what humanity can become when left to its own devices.)  Taylor hints that something terrible and hellish happened to her on the road, before the story starts, (disclaimer: this book has rape scene in it although not in detail, it may make some squeamish.) So now Taylor helps no one, she lives by rules that so far have kept her alive, think only of herself and do not get involved with others.

These rules keep her going until she meets and gets offered refuge with a group of survivors that are in the process of making themselves a community.  This is where Taylor’s rules become undone, she meets Kate and starts to crack her hard outer shell, this isn’t a typical love at first sight love story, It is full of ups and downs as they try to deal with the fallout of the end of the world, and the threats the new world develops.

I loved most of all about this story is that fact that Taylor goes through real emotions, In a lot of dystopian, the protagonist has to be strong and constantly battling to save the world.  Taylor doesn’t care about the world she just wants to survive long enough to see if her family survived.  When confronted with the fact that her hometown was a target for marauders, she goes into a deep depression, It is heartbreaking and raw, she has to deal with what had happened on the road to the farm as well as what untold horrors her family were faced with when she wasn’t there to fight for them.

As I said before, The bad guys aren’t zombies, monsters or aliens.  The bad guys in this novel is the dark side of humanity, when there is no longer right from wrong.  When people’s beliefs take over every other decent thought they had ever had.

After the fall is a terrifying, heartbreaking and bittersweet story about survival and what it takes to restore humanity after a Disaster.  It is a must read for any die-hard dystopian fan.  But as mentioned probably not suitable for sensitive people, because of the rape scene.





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