Book Discussions – To Ban or Not to Ban?

book descussions

I honestly thought that we had come along way from even considering banning Literary works, Of course every few years you hear about people getting their knickers in a twist over this or that and most of them are laughable, Harry Potter anyone?

I am not a creative person, I love reading, watching movies and taking in others Art works, and that is what all this comprises,  Art. To ban Art we are suppressing the greatest minds, whether it is as small as a self published novel or as prominent as a Picasso, It is all art.  Through art we see the best and sometimes the worst of Humanity.  I personally don’t believe in banning art, except for when it poses a risk to others.

I can and have personally chosen not to read or view art based on its structure or view-point, Such as the cult classic, A clockwork Orange, which I found to be disturbing,  But that is MY personal choice, I have known others to love this book/movie.

I Believe that most of the banned books, should be read because they are food for thought, consider the titles, The Diary of Anne Frank it was banned because it was seen as sexually offensive and the tragic tale was too depressing, but this book is the honest account of the holocaust, don’t they deserve the right to have their story told? Those who find it depressing don’t have to read it.

The color Purple, was also a banned book, because of its explicitness, but again it gives us insight into a world that most never would have imagined let alone lived through. This was also made into a highly popular movie, which my mum repeatedly made me watch, Thanks mum xxx.

If you research the reasons why most books are banned you start to see a common theme;  Religion, Sexuality, Freedom and Tough subjects.  I find that these subjects make the best subject matter because they challenge your beliefs, your morals and your mind and they are fun 🙂.

Recently it has come to my attention that Australian Bookshops are refusing to sell the Novel Tampa by Alissa Nutting, This story gives a controversial look into the mind of a female sexual predator.   Now pedophilia is a very touchy subject for me.  I don’t like to read about it in books and I will not watch movies in which children are harmed.   I have been known to read non fiction stories and memoirs of survivors of abuse, but to me this is different from reading a fictional story about it.


Even though I think this novel’s subject matter is in bad taste it is not the worst that I have come across either.  I personally am curious about the novel and how it is written, but I don’t think I would go out and buy it either.  and that is how art should be, a personable choice, not a dictation.

What do you think on Banning books? let me know in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “Book Discussions – To Ban or Not to Ban?

  1. The cover and title are shocking, but then that was the plan, I’m with you all the way on an individual’s prerogative being the voice of reason for that particular individual. What offends me to my core may not offend others. The cover reminds me of Madonna’s sex book a while back. I’m pretty sure that was banned too.

    • It took me a while to get the symbolism of the cover lol. I think some people like to make sure their works are controversial they get a lot of publicity that way

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  2. Great post! I completely agree with you about personal choice. It should always be a person’s choice to read what they want, see what they want…I don’t want anyone taking away my ability to choose. I may or may not read Tampa…but I want to option to choose. Thanks for sharing!

    • I have never had anyone tell me I can’t read a book, but My family aren’t big readers either. I remember reading Anne Rice’s Beauty trilogy when I was about 12, man that was an eye opener. But it did not do me any damage. (I think)

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