Reading Slump

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Around the halfway mark every year I hit a slump in my reading.  I’m not sure if it is because I read so many book (62 so far this year) or because I become burned out by the genre’s I read, lets face it a lot of what I read is pretty dark and miserable.  Lately it is taking me longer and longer to read a book, even ones that I have been eagerly anticipating.  

I also find that I flick through a lot of books and nothing holds my interest, not because they are boring it is just that I can’t decided what I feel like reading, The biggest bestseller is even hard to draw my interest when I feel like this.  I am hoping it ends soon because I really want to sit back and enjoy a novel again, not to mention I have finally seen the green writing on my good reads challenge telling me I am one book ahead.  Yay me.

What I was wondering is if anyone else gets like this when the read? and what do you do to combat it?

I find that If I leave the genre’s completely then I can usually get to enjoy them again, so at the moment I am reading a lot more contemporary romance and New adult fiction at the moment.  I also find that reading novella’s are a great way to get over my slump because I can read short stories that hold my Interest as well as not getting bogged down in all the depth of a full length novel.

Anyway that is my discussion this week let me know how you are doing in the comments.




4 thoughts on “Reading Slump

  1. I’m struck down with reading slumps too. When it’s a really bad one, I have to hit my re-read shelf for an old favorite. Or I choose a book I started and stopped a while back. I hope your slump ends soon! If your’re shopping for YA contemporary romances, my favorites are Perfect Chemistry, Pushing the Limits, Guitar Notes (though the romance is very low key-ha! low key). Happy reading, Jodie (hopefully real soon)

  2. I can’t believe you’ve already read so many books this year! I’ve only gotten about half of that. The only thing I can do to get through that is either really take a break from reading for a bit and do some other things or start quite a few books until one finally catches me and then I dive into that one. I just did that recently. Hope you get out of your slump soon! Jaclyn @ JC’s Book Haven.

    • thanks Jaclyn, I hope so too, I have started just about every book I have lol, but I am enjoying some romances at the moment. I can’t go too long without reading, It is my time. I can ignore everyone for half an hour a day. what book was it that did catch your eye?

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