Disney Vs Brothers Grimm

Disney vs grimm


This will be a new weekly Post for me.  I really hope you enjoy it.   I am a huge fan of Fairy tales,  I grew up with stories from Disney as well as reading fairy tales, And even better now I love the retellings from a gothic point of view.  A few years ago I stumbled across a kids picture book, called the little match stick girl.  I brought it for my then three-year old little girl, from a second-hand  store.  I still haven’t read it too her.  It was a story about a little girl who froze to death because she was poor, It was highly disturbing and I was shocked, so I started Investigating other Fairy tales to see how they have changed over the years.

Each week I will read a story from my Grimm Book of Fairy tales and compare their original story to the Disney or Modern adaption, you may be surprised because I know I was.  The new modern gothic retellings, are not so modern after all.

These will contain Spoilers!


This Weeks Fairy Tale is


Points From Disney

  • Cinderella’s mother dies and her father remarried a cold woman who has two daughters.
  • When Cinderella’s father dies, her step mother decides that she needs to earn her keep, and she becomes a slave.
  • Cinderella has two mouse friends.
  •  Cinderella has a fairy godmother that dresses her up beautifully in a dress and shoes so that she can attend the ball thrown by the prince. She has to be back before midnight.
  • Cinderella wins the heart of the prince and realises that she is going to be late so she dashes off leaving behind a glass slipper.
  • The Prince searches the Village for Cinderella using her shoe to see if it fits one of the villages maidens.
  • The prince checks cinderella’s house where she is hidden away, while the step sisters try on the shoe it doesn’t fit and they are disappointed.
  • The prince finds Cinderella and the shoe fits.
  • They live happily ever after in the castle.

Moral from Disney

That you have to be Beautiful to catch the princes eye.

That Step anything is evil

That there is always something better out there.


Points from Brothers Grimm

  • A maiden’s mother passes away and tells her daughter that she must always be good and pious.
  • The Maiden visited her mother’s grave everyday to cry.
  • Her father remarried, the woman had two daughters that were beautiful but they had wicked hearts.
  • She became a maid to the house after they decided that she needed to earn her food.
  • they took away everything she had except a simple grey smock and wooden shoes
  • She was allowed to sleep on the floor next to the hearth in the ashes, which they gave her the name of Cinderella
  • The father went on a trip and asked the three girls what they wanted. The step sisters replied that they wanted fancy clothes and jewels, cinderella only wanted a branch from a tree.
  • Cinderella planted the branch in her mother’s grave, which would grow daily and cinderella would pray over it.
  • Cinderella befriended a bird.
  • The prince was throwing a party but the stepmother would not allow cinderella to go because she had no pretty dress and she was dirty. she also made a deal if cinderella could pick out a bowl of lentils from the hearth she could go, the bird helped her pick them out but the stepmother would still not let her go.
  • Cinderella wished on the tree for a beautiful dress, the bird brought one too her and she went to the ball.  She caught the eye of the prince.  This happened three times. there was no midnight curfew
  • the last day Cinderella lost a shoe, not a glass slipper.
  • The prince visited the village to find Cinderella the first step sister tried on the shoe her toes would not fit into it.  So the step mother told her to cut off her toe. She did the prince rode off with her until the bird shouted out to the prince that the shoe was full of blood.
  • The prince then tried the second sister and her heel would not fit, the stepmother told her to cut off a bit of her heel.  Again the prince rode off with her until the bird pointed out again that the shoe was full of blood.
  • The prince tried cinderella and it fit.  The bird was happy.
  • On their wedding day the bird was joined by another bird they sat on a shoulder each of cinderella.  The sisters walked one on each side of cinderella as they passed the birds pecked out their eye.
  • on the way back they were walking on opposite sides of Cinderella when the birds pecked out the other eyes.
  • Cinderella and the prince lived happily ever after

Morals from The Brothers Grimm

I believe the morals for the Brothers Grimm version is that Maidens must stay pure and virtuous.  That good will triumph over evil.


Verdict –


I think that the Disney version is beautiful and allows young girls to dream that a handsome prince one day will whisk you off and give you a better life.  Not very feminist of me I know but we all dream of it.  Whereas the Grimm version was to teach girls that you have to stay pure and innocent, instead of wicked if you want god to watch out for you.  I personally like the Grimm version better, but I would not be reading it to my daughter.



9 thoughts on “Disney Vs Brothers Grimm

  1. What a great feature, Jodie! Cinderella was my favorite story when I was a little girl. For me, it wasn’t the prince at the end, but how she sang through everything. I really loved that. And she had mouse and bird friends. How cool! I would not have liked the Grimm version. I’m a bit more Grrh now, so I think I’m good with the eye pecking. I think all the old children’s stories mean to show how bad off you’ll be if you misbehave and how you will be rewarded if you’re good.

  2. I love this feature it’s so awesome. I’ve seen as many of us have Disney’s Cinderella and loved it. But the bad part is that it puts the idea into girls heads that they have to wait for this prince charming and that women need men pretty much. U know that’s how I was raised but I do t think that now as an adult. In the end it is a fairytale and no matter what we all think and out different opinions, we all want out happy ending with our own version of prince charming.
    As for the Grimm stories, I haven’t read any and don’t plan on reading them to my kids until they are older, I wouldn’t mind reading them myself though.

    • I was so shocked by them when I read them lol. But yes it is hard to imagine reading them to kids now. It is funny how they say that we are raising our kids in a violent culture, when back then it was just as bad. thanks for your insight. next week I am doing rapunzel.

  3. Oh yeah! They definitely aren’t for kids. It’s crazy how different they can be isn’t it? I think the Disney version for sure is the more family friendly version that makes kids want to grow up and be princesses. I really enjoyed your post. Jaclyn @ JC’s Book Haven.

    • It’s funny but a lot of the disney cartoons would be close to be considered politically incorrect now too. So It makes you wonder if each generations going to be inappropriate for children. I also watched a garfield cartoon when he was put in the pound and there was a skinny cat smoking and shaking asking for catnip or something lol.

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