2013 Netgalley Knockout

Ok so I still haven’t learned my lesson on requesting review books so here I am Joining another Galley and ARC challenge.  I promise I will not  try not to request anymore until I have finished this challenge.

This Challenge is hosted by Goldilox and the Three Weres.

I am going to use my TBR Page as my List I am hoping to Knock out at least 8 of these before this challenge ends.

feel free to join in the fun if your TBR is overflowing.


4 thoughts on “2013 Netgalley Knockout

    • thanks 🙂 I hope you learn something good about us lol. I hope I hit 8 too I really want to get them knocked out so I can have some freedom to read some that I want to again. have a good weekend Robyn.

    • I know it is way too easy with kindle lol, last night I also stumbled upon the amazon freebies, and one clicked the hell out of it. oh well, at least it wasn’t netgalley. thanks for dropping by

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