Disney Vs Brothers Grimm #2

Disney vs grimm

This will be a new weekly Post for me.  I really hope you enjoy it.   I am a huge fan of Fairy tales,  I grew up with stories from Disney as well as reading fairy tales, And even better now I love the retellings from a gothic point of view.  A few years ago I stumbled across a kids picture book, called the little match stick girl.  I brought it for my then three-year old little girl, from a second-hand  store.  I still haven’t read it too her.  It was a story about a little girl who froze to death because she was poor, It was highly disturbing and I was shocked, so I started Investigating other Fairy tales to see how they have changed over the years.

Each week I will read a story from my Grimm Book of Fairy tales and compare their original story to the Disney or Modern adaption, you may be surprised because I know I was.  The new modern gothic retellings, are not so modern after all.

These will contain Spoilers!

This Weeks Fairy Tale is


Points From Disney (Tangled)

Rapunzel is an Innocent girl who has magical hair that can restore youth and heal.

She is locked in a tower by Mother Gothel who uses Rapunzel hair to stay youthful.

Rapunzel is curious about lights and gets Flynn to get her out and take her to the light show.

They have a beautiful and magical adventure.


Moral from Disney

To never give up hope, that love can conquer all.

Points from Brothers Grimm

  • A couple trying to have a child live next to a walled garden growing the Rapunzel plant owned by an enchantress.
  • The woman craving the plant sends her husband over to steal it, getting caught by the enchantress.
  • He makes a deal giving the unborn child to the enchantress.
  • On Rapunzel’s twelfth birthday the enchantress locks Rapunzel away in a tower.
  • The enchantress visits Rapunzel by climbing her hair into the tower.
  • A prince rides past the tower hearing Rapunzel singing
  • Rapunzel lowers her hair to the prince eventually agreeing to marry him.
  • Rapunzel accidentally tells Dame Gothel that she is heavier than the prince.
  • Gothel cuts Rapunzel’s hair and exiles her in a desert far away.
  • Gothel lowers Rapunzel hair to the prince to climb when he finds Gothel instead of Rapunzel he jumps from the tower landing in thorns and blinding him.
  • The prince wonders for months to find Rapunzel eventually hearing her voice and finding her
  • She has twins a boy and a girl.
  • Her tears restore his sight
  • They live happily ever after

Morals from The Brothers Grimm

Again Love conquers all, Innocence is a virtue. and apparently 12 is a good age to get married and pregnant.

I prefer the Disney version of this tale, as I love the music and the beautiful tale, plus 12 is just too young to be pregnant with twins lol.  I do love the tears healing his eyes though I thought that was beautiful.

What do you think?


5 thoughts on “Disney Vs Brothers Grimm #2

  1. Tangled is one of my favorite movies! I liked that the world was so scary, but she “had a dream” and followed it. Fear and how you handled it seemed to be a big part. The Grimm version sounds cool too (not the 12 yr old part-what the heck?) with the blind journey to her voice and the tears healing him. This is a neat feature, Jodi!

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