To sin with a viking by Michelle Willingham – Review

historical romance

To sin with a Viking

By  Michelle Willingham

17382941Expected Publication: July 2013

Length: 288 pages

Publisher: Harlequin

Source: Gifted for honest review by Harlequin  and Netgalley

Genre:  Historical Romance

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Synopsis from Goodreads

Caragh Ó Brannon defended herself bravely when the enemy landed—only, now she finds herself alone with one very angry Viking…

Styr Hardrata sailed to Ireland intending to trade, never expecting to find himself held captive in chains by a beautiful Irish maiden.

The fiercely handsome warrior both terrifies and allures Caragh, but he is forbidden territory. He is the enemy…and he is married. Yet Styr harbors a secret that just might set them both free…

Forbidden Vikings

Resist them if you can

 My Review:


This is my first venture into Historical Romance genre.  I like to relate to the characters I am reading about and I really struggle with that in historical Romances.

Since watching True Blood I have to say that Sexy Vikings now intrigue me lol, who can’t love eric?  So I decided to try reading this book from Mills and Boon.   To Sin With a Viking should have gotten a larger rating that the two I have given it because I absolutely loved it.

The reason for the low marks is because I cannot stomach Infidelity, and I found that Caragh and Styr’s relationship definitely passed into those boundaries.  Caragh was the silly other woman who believed that Styr would leave his wife of five years to marry her.

It makes me sick to see how easy it is for men to cheat on their women and how other women throw themselves at a married man. The names of the characters were also off-putting because each time their names were written I had to stop my reading flow to try to pronounce them in my head.  that and the fact that Styr would speak swedish to Caragh and not have the author explain what it means.

The story itself was sweet and perfect and I really enjoyed the plot I would have voted it at least four if they didn’t cheat on his wife.

To sin with a Viking was a sweet short distraction from life, I enjoyed the plot where helpless Caragh had tried to protect her village from starvation even though herself was dying.  Caragh comes off as a sweet naive woman, and when her brothers abandon her to search for food, Caragh finds herself dying alone from starvation when Vikings attack her village and her little brother decides to try and rob them.  With her brother missing Caragh manages to hold captive the Viking leader Styr.

Styr hates being captive and his wife has been taken hostage by Caragh brother, when he discovers that Caragh took him hostage to save his life from her village he begins to have a soft spot for her and decides to save her and teach her how to catch food, they then decide to take off and try to track down Caragh brother and his wife.

To sin with a Viking was a gripping action filled romance that I highly recommend.



4 thoughts on “To sin with a viking by Michelle Willingham – Review

  1. Oh boy, infidelity is a roadblock in stories for me too, more so in TV shows and movies. I just read my first historical fiction novel (based on true events), The Whip. I loved it so much, but I’m not sure I’ll venture that way too often.

    Hey, did you hear Under the Dome got renewed for a second season?

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