Book Discussions – Bookish Pet Peeves

book descussions

Bookish Pet Peeves!

I thought that this week we could discuss what are our pet peeves when we are reading a book? Make sure you let everyone know what annoys you the most in the comments below.

I have a few pet peeves when it comes to reading, they are probably what most readers hate, but here we go anyway, these are in no particular order.

1. People talking to you when you are reading.   I mean how rude can they be? here you are reading a book quietly, and bam everyone assumes that you are doing nothing so it is a great time to come up and chat to you.

2. Names that are hard to pronounce.  They might sound original and grand but if I can’t pronounce them not only it is annoying every time I read it, because I have to stop and try to get it right, but it destroys the flow of the plot , I like to sit and read with no interruptions, but If there is no flow to the story I am more than likely to become distracted and leave the book lying there.

3. World building that makes sense to the author but no one else. This is really annoying if I have to keep trying to remember fine details that the author has created or have to go back to look up what I have missed.  again it messes with the flow of the book.

4. Dropping your paperback book in the bath! I have only done this a couple of times and hopefully never for my e-book reader.  but the time it takes to try to dry it and I have tried talcum powder which only managed to leave big chunks of dried powder in my book.

5. A sudden change in character, I hate when you read a few books in the series then the author tries to  change it up a bit and completely overhaul a characters traits, for example the good guy going bad and vice versa.  although I admit if done right it can be a great twist, but done wrong and I can’t stand it.

So what gets your goat while you are reading?


4 thoughts on “Book Discussions – Bookish Pet Peeves

  1. That would suck so much to drop my book in the bath! Of course, I can’t see that ever happening since I’m a total shower girl. But being interrupted while you’re reading…grrh! Some days I don’t even open a book because the last time I tried to read I spent 30 minutes reading the same five lines. Don’t they know reading makes us happy, and happy moms make everyone happy?

  2. I agree with all your peeves!! Sometimes though, I read too much and should be paying attention to others around me!!

    I like to be entertained all the way through a book and like it to be fast-paced to keep me intrigued, so when it’s not, it makes me skim through the book.

    I read a book, which I mostly enjoyed, it was told from 2 POV’s but each time she changed characters, she retold each scene that the characters were in together from the other POV before moving on, so it felt really repetitive (If that makes the slightest bit of sense to you I would be surprised, cos it seems I ranted a bit there!! lol)

    Have a great Wednesday girl!!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

    • well thats what this post is about lol Rant away, I get what you are saying about repetitive. I know what you mean about fast paced too. I seem to skim a lot as well if a book doesn’t grab me. especially if it is a book by a usually awesome author. enjoy your hump day lol, nearly weekend.

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