Stolen Fruits by Ashley Spector – Review

historical romance

Stolen Fruits

By  Ashley Spector

Expected Publication: July 2013

Length: 32 pages

Publisher: Forbidden Fruit Press

Source: Brought from Amazon

Genre:  Historical Romance

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Synopsis from Goodreads

Hilda lives a simple life; busy doing her duties around the medieval village she calls home, she can barely think of another way to live. When Viking raiders arrive to loot and pillage her settlement, however, everything changes. Hilda thinks quickly, and offers herself as a bride to the Viking leader; to follow his every whim and desire, if he’ll only end the destruction.

What she finds is a man more sensitive and war-wearied than she ever expected, and her soon-to-be Viking husband finds a confident and fearless wife; a perfect fit for the mother of his child

my thoughts


I am really enjoying these Viking Romances, I never thought I would say I liked Historical Romance but these are great.   Stolen Fruits is only a short story, but leaves a huge Impact.  Hilda is looking after her little sister when Viking raiders attack her village, to save her family and village from being taken for slaves or killed, Hilda makes a deal to become wife of the Viking leader.

Hilda’s Viking husband turns out to be caring and gentle with her, Stolen fruits is the right mix of Romance, Action and Adventure.  I am really looking forward to reading the next installment.  I really enjoyed Hilda’s character as an Innocent maiden, that has the guts to stand up to raiding Vikings and give herself to them as long as they promise not to touch her village again.  I thought it takes great courage to be so selfless.  Lucky for Hilda she fits right in with her husband.

I did find that the language and storyline were fairly modern and not at all historical, which some might find as a fault in the story, but I enjoyed it more in which I did not have to spend time looking up words or breaking the flow of the story.




6 thoughts on “Stolen Fruits by Ashley Spector – Review

  1. I saw “Historical Romance” first, then the cover, then I scrolled back up to see if I was mistaken. I think I would like this kind of story because you’re right about obscure words and old sayings making the read choppy. It also sounds pretty fun.

  2. I think it is easier to read a historical book with modern writing. We are not in primitive times anymore!! lol Stolen Fruits sounds interesting though. I’d pick it up on the cover alone. Glad you enjoyed it and that you are looking forward to continuing the series!!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

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