Disney Vs Brothers Grimm #3

Disney vs grimm

This will be a new weekly Post for me.  I really hope you enjoy it.   I am a huge fan of Fairy tales,  I grew up with stories from Disney as well as reading fairy tales, And even better now I love the retellings from a gothic point of view.  A few years ago I stumbled across a kids picture book, called the little match stick girl.  I brought it for my then three-year old little girl, from a second-hand  store.  I still haven’t read it too her.  It was a story about a little girl who froze to death because she was poor, It was highly disturbing and I was shocked, so I started Investigating other Fairy tales to see how they have changed over the years.

Each week I will read a story from my Grimm Book of Fairy tales and compare their original story to the Disney or Modern adaptions, you may be surprised because I know I was.  The new modern gothic retellings, are not so modern after all.

These will contain Spoilers!

This Weeks Fairy Tale is

Sleeping Beauty / Brier Rose 

Points From Disney (sleeping Beauty)

Sleeping Beauty’s name is Aurora

Aurora’s birthday is declared as a holiday

She is Betrothed to a Prince

On the day of her birth three fairies visit to bestow gifts (Flora, Fauna and Meriwether.)  They give her the gifts of Beauty and Song, but before Meriwether gives her gift the bad witch Maleficent is upset at being left out of the celebrations and Curses Aurora that before her 16th birthday she will prick her finger on a spinning wheel and die.

Meriwether gifts Aurora and weakens the curse by Aurora will fall asleep and can only be woken by her true loves kiss.

Aurora is hidden away as a peasant girl, Maleficent finds her

Aurora pricks her finger, everyone falls asleep

Prince Philip finds her and Kisses her

They all wake up and live happily ever after.

Moral from Disney

Don’t forget to invite evil people to birthday celebrations.

Points from Brothers Grimm

The king and Queen wanted Children

A fish told the Queen that she will have a girl

They celebrated Briar Roses Birth with a banquet

They only had 12 place settings and 13 Witches so they didn’t invite one.

11 witches blessed Briar Rose with gifts of beauty, etc.  before the 12th could make a blessing the 13th showed up and cursed her with death on 16th birthday.

Which number 12 blessed Briar rose with only falling asleep for 100 years.

Briar Rose found a spindle just before her Birthday and the whole castle fell asleep

The Castle was claimed by roses

Many people tried to get through the roses to the castle but died when they tried Impaled on the rose thorns.

After 100 years a brave prince was let through the roses

He woke Briar Rose with a kiss breaking the curse and waking the castle

the lived happily ever after.


Morals from The Brothers Grimm

That good defeats evil, not to exclude people.  Resilience of the human spirit.

I was a bit disappointed in the Grimm version of Sleeping beauty I was expecting it to be a lot more gothic.  I still enjoyed the story and It is a version that you could read to your children. I am now also in love with the name Briar Rose. Mabie if I have another child? If not the next pet name definitely.

What do you think?


8 thoughts on “Disney Vs Brothers Grimm #3

  1. I laughed at the pet name part. The Grimm version sounds a bit more entertaining than the Disney version and the name is pretty cool. Though if my mom had named me Briar, hmm.

  2. This is a great feature! I think the Grimm version is kinda disjointed – what with a random talking fish, and the Prince just lucks out that the 100 years is up and he can get into the castle! 🙂 I do like how dark the Grimm fairy tales are, it’s nice to have both Disney and Grimm versions to experience these stories!

    • I know, I love comparing the two and then If you watch some of the older Disney movies now you sit and think, wow these are not very PC now like the racist crows and drunk Dumbo lol.

  3. This is a great idea. I love fairytales and I’m super excited over the 500 new German Von Schönwerth fairytales they found.. One of the Grimms said Von Schönwerth was the best collector of tales around.

    • I am still deciding on next weeks lol, some of them have different names to the disney ones so I am trying to decipher them. have a good weekend. I am glad you are enjoying them, I know I am.

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