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Books that Make you Blush

Have you ever read a book that you couldn’t take out in public?

I have to say I am a huge closet Erotica reader, not so much now that I am a blogger, because well I like to tell people I have a book blog, and what do you know I leave reviews when I read books that are for Adults.  One thing that I will give Fifty Shades of Grey is it is now “cool” or acceptable to read Erotica.

The first ever Erotica novel I read was The Beauty Series by Anne Rice, I remember feeling so naughty and guilty reading it (I was 15 at the time).  I was also the nerd at school that people would tell dirty jokes to and I would still be puzzling over it hours later to work out what they meant.  For anyone who has read the Beauty Series would know that it is a real eye opener.

Men can sleep with who they want  and be a hero, women who sleep with who they want are a slut .  But in books and In private we can take the protagonist and call her a hero, that she can be free and wild without any repercussions.

Feminists may say that we are losing what hold we have on female rights, by reading erotic literature but really we are liberating women, and I believe that we are also seeing this in the popularity of the New Adult Genre as well.

I love reading Erotica but have been putting them off since starting my blog because I didn’t feel that it was appropriate to leave reviews on my blog of books that people under the age of 18 may be interested in reading so to combat this I have started a new blog where I will review my Erotic novels.  You can find it here at Guilty Pleasures, from down under.  


7 thoughts on “Book Discussions – Books that make you blush

  1. I love the title of your other blog. I’m there for sure! I read Succubus Blues after two kids and was shocked, thrilled, and in love with hot books. I’ve even considered writing to one of my favorite authors and thanking her for a few enlightening tidbits. I’m with you, on the feminist argument. Now I have to go and check out Guilty Pleasures, from down under.

      • lol, you should try Anita blake goes from romantic loves scenes to soft core porn to hard core porn to some things that should not exist lol….. And I just brought her newest Anita Blake Book and I am looking forward to reading it too.

    • Thank you I love the succubus series too. definitely enlightening lol. It just felt wrong to review “dirty” books on a blog that I also review Y.A. My husbands grandmother loves reading Mills and Boon and I borrowed some from here when I was pregnant and boy did I get a shock, If they call 50 shades of Grey Mummy Porn I guess Mills and Boons are Granny porn lol

  2. Hehehe!! The first erotica type books I read were BDB!! lol I used to take them to the pool and read them while the kids had their lessons!! I’m sure I sat there blushing and stuff!! But since then I have got my friends onto reading too and a group of us read the 50 shades series and most of them loved it. We chatted about it all the time. I don’t have a problem with it at all anymore, I read it on and off all the time! I also snicker at people when I recognise titles they are reading.

    Hehe… another rant!! Off to stalk your other blog!!

    • he he I remember showing a friends family member how goodreads worked and signed into see me profile and low and behold up came the book I have read one was called sex party lol. I blushed over that one. I have a ocd trait that I have to see what someone is reading when I pass them in public. lol My kindle is my best friend no one can see what I am reading except me lol, Although when my hubby sees me reading on my kindle I get ” are you reading porn again?” lol

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