Book Discussions – why did you start reading?

book descussions

Why did you start reading?

I had a very awkward time at school, we know now that I like my children have High Functioning Autism.

I don’t handle social situations well, and never had, I am just as happy if not more so on my own than with a group of friends.  In primary school I never understood social etiquette or cues.  so I was often an outcast or bullied.  I remember most days though primary school and into high school I use to hide in the library from people to read.  Reading was my escape, books were my friends,  I never had to pretend with a book, they were always there for me.

I still use reading as an escape when life gets hard or stressful but mostly it is just my routine now, after dinner to soak in a nice hot bubble bath and read for half an hour.  It is my time and gives me a chance to center myself.


Why did you start reading?  Do you remember your first book?




4 thoughts on “Book Discussions – why did you start reading?

  1. I was a social outcast for a good chunk of my childhood, but I never turned to reading since that was one of the sources of my grief. I didn’t know I was dyslexic. I turned to reading after my youngest was born with a bad kidney. All those tests pushed me to the edge and I needed something to hold on to and funny enough I chose fiction, Twilight to be exact because my sister raved about those books. Your thirty minutes of bubbles and books sound wonderful!

  2. I started reading because my mother was a big reader. She would read to me as a child and introduce me to new books. I loved the new worlds that I could explore in a book.

    • What a great story, I can’t remember my mum reading to me, I remember her buying me books, but not reading. I’m sure she did though. I started reading to my son while I was pregnant, The same book every night so that when he was born he settled when I read it to him.

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