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Cover Trends

I have noticed that like genres book covers also go through trends, first I noticed Y.A books having beautiful ball gowns on the covers and now I am noticing on Erotic novels a piece of jewelry is a major theme. Lets take a look

Ball gowns for Y.A

The Piece of jewelry



And for the Final Trend the open Road in dystopias


I am not saying that trends are bad, I love the covers with the ball gowns.  What other Trends have you noticed in book covers lately? feel free to share





5 thoughts on “Book Discussions – Cover Trends

  1. Gowns have definitely been in for a while now. I mean I like a pretty dress but it’s getting really old. I think the erotica covers are really generic, too, but I guess people like them because they are neutral and don’t scream “erotica/”

    • true I don’t think you would want to be reading a book in public with some of the more explicit covers out there. The Gothic ball gown is doing the rounds a lot too. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Couples making out is a big cover choice. A hot guy half naked, most likely tatted up and looking mighty dangerous in that “love me enough you might just fix me” kind of way seems pretty popular. Cabins by a lake for suspense/thrillers. Big fat font for Jason Bourne type books. I did get tired of the cuff links and single stem flowers on covers, but I’m not sick of the covers with a muscly man standing around in his jeans and bare chest. Not sure why. Great discussion post, Jodie!

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