The Lost Wolf’s destiny by Karen Whiddon – Review


The Lost Wolfs Destiny

By  Karen Whiddon

Expected Publication: September 2013

Length: 304 pages

Publisher: Harlequin

Source: Supplied by publisher and Netgalley for Honest Review

Genre:  Fairy tale, Paranormal Romance


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Synopsis from Goodreads

A desperate mother. A scarred man. A powerful bond.

The moment he saw Blythe Daphne on the television news, Lucas Kenyon knew three things: she was a shapeshifter, like him. She was the most desirable creature he had ever seen. And she was in terrible danger.

Now, the wolf in Lucas is driving him to save Blythe and her young daughter from a man he knows is evil personified. A man who believes all shapeshifters are demons straight from hell. But Lucas knows he must never reveal the secret that threatens to tear him apart—not even to the one woman who could heal him

my thoughts


The Lost Wolf’s Destiny was a bit of an unsual story,  The main character is Lucas and he escaped a terrible situation where his father is a terrible and powerful cult leader, Lucas and his twin sister realized they were defferent when they were children and started shifting into wolves, with only humans around Lucas and his sister would shift in secret and come up with theories on why they could do this, untill their father caught them shifting being a cult leader, he tried to remove the demon that possessed his children by torture and beatings, Lucas escaped but his sister had not been so lucky.

Blythe is a desperate mother, her daughter only part shifter has a terminal illness and after failing all medical options she seeks out Lucas father to heal her with faith, Blythe’s intuition is telling her that there is something wrong with him but she ignores it and takes her daughter to the compound and they are separated.  Lucas goes and faces his fear and his father to save the life of a little girl and the woman he is instantly attracted to.

I have read some bad reviews on this story many stating that the Blythe was too stupid in sending her child to a cult to be healed.  This is one thing probably would take a mother to understand, but when you are faced with the fact that your child is in danger all else ceases to matter, you wouldn’t think rationally if there is a small chance that someone could heal your child you would take it.  Let’s face it that is how cults gain followers, by gaining the trust of desperate, needy people.

I found The Lost Wolf’s destiny to be a great distraction from the world,  I loved that it was a short action filled story, filled with shifters.

I highly recommend it for anyone who feels like a short story escape.







5 thoughts on “The Lost Wolf’s destiny by Karen Whiddon – Review

    • Thanks, I don’t know why the nocturne books gets so many negative reviews, I know they are not as intense as a novel but they aren’t suppose to be. that’s why I like them, they are great when you need to step back a bit from the intense reads.

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