Book Discussions – It’s happening again :(

book descussions

Cyber Bullying/ Author , Blogger interaction

Wow here we go again.

Thankfully I have never been involved in any arguments and I hope I never will.  I worry as a book blogger that someone will take my reviews wrong and weigh in on their opinion, and honestly i like discussions if you have anything to say about a book I have reviewed I would like to know what you think.  But and here is the big one, With Respect.  I promise all my blog followers and Authors I will never disrespect someone and If I do unknowingly I apologize.  I try to keep all my reviews respectful, everyone has their own opinions, no one is ever going to agree on everything 100%.  I understand that Authors put their heart and soul into their work but sometimes a book is just not for me. If that is the case I keep all my points why I didn’t like it I try to add what I did like about it and I will try to link different reviews to my post so people get a good balanced opinion.  To say that bad reviews don’t sell books, is wrong, I know not everyone will like a book and if I happen to read a negative review I will still buy a book that interests me because I am myself and I like what I like.  I love reading reviews but I don’t take it all to heart.

I don’t mind Authors commenting on my site or my reviews, as long as it is done with respect, I am not going to like every book I read and I will conduct all my reviews with honesty, because that is what blogging is about.

I feel terrible for the people involved bloggers and authors, no one needs the stress of cyber bullying my advice to authors that get a bad review, take a deep breath and read someones review that did like your book, everyone is different.

what does everyone think on the idea people are putting out there of buttons that welcome or discourage author interaction?

I love Goodreads, and I won’t be stopping using it. But hopefully a policy will be placed on the site for bullies. writers and reviews alike.


3 thoughts on “Book Discussions – It’s happening again :(

  1. An “authors welcome” button is an interesting idea. With everything that’s going on with reviewing, I think such a button could give peace of mind to authors who enjoy commenting and interacting with bloggers and readers.

    On the other hand, I worry an “author comments unwelcome” button could inadvertently offend some people.

    I haven’t stopped using Goodreads either, but I am watching the situation carefully to see how it develops. I acknowledge the right of Goodreads or any website to change their terms of service suddenly and without notice (that’s usually written into the terms users agree to), but, honestly, it just seems respectful to offer notice so people can behave their behavior on the site accordingly, or leave if they no longer agree with the terms.

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