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Child Soldiers

While reading The 5th wave I became very uncomfortable reading, because of the subject of child soldiers.  Children as young as five were being trained to fight in a war which to me was horrifying particularly because my youngest daughter has just turned five.  It might just be the mother in me but there is a character called nugget, he is just an innocent five years old when the shit hits the fan.  Nugget is separated by his family and put into a military training camp for kids, they are treated just like adults are in the army, break their souls so they can become killing machines.  This has bothered me so much that I have moments when I think I should just put the book aside.

When you think about it most dystopias have child soldiers in them, Maybe not as young as five but most of these stories the children choose to fight, they are guerrilla soldiers not military soldiers.  This is what bothers me so much that Adults and the Government who are supposed to protect children at all costs, see them as disposable, They are given orders to fight or die for their people, country etc.  guerrilla Child soldiers might decide to die or fight for their country but they are not trained for it, and they don’t have Adults/military/governments telling them to fight and die. They do it for the love of their people or their families.

It is funny how books make you feel like you can’t trust the government. that even though all types of child soldiers in literature are fighting for the same cause, freedom, life etc. the added factor of the military training them and supplying guns to them which in reality would give them a better chance for survival, makes your stomach turn. Then when we read about guerilla Soldiers fighting for freedom without training or proper weaponry. we cheer them on.

What are your thoughts? I am really interested to see what others think on this subject.






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