Fridays Feature and Follow Number #112



The goal of Parajunkee and Alison can reads feature and follow friday blog hop is so that bloggers can gain new followers and make new friends. To learn more About this meme click here

I am looking forward to taking part in this Meme since I am only a new blogger, I love to connect with others to make friends and to see what others are talking about.

This Weeks Question.

What book are you embarrassed to admit you LOVED? (try to think beyond Twilight).

I remember showing an older lady how good reads works and signed into my account and up came under books read Sex Party lol, I was so embarrassed I had just brought a few erotica books, and there they were in all their glory.  Now I am a blogger I am getting over my embarrassment at reading.



11 thoughts on “Fridays Feature and Follow Number #112

    • nah my mum knows what I read I like to tell her about them to embarrass her lol. and grandmothers can read worse lol. my husband was so shocked when I told him his grandmothers harlequin blaze collection was women’s porn lol.

  1. lol that’s pretty funny. When I first picked up the Fifty Shades books, i was kind of embarrassed. I remember standing in the checkout line wondering what the cashier thought of me. But now I’m over it. I read them (and though didn’t enjoy them too much) I’m not embarrassed about reading it

    Tina @ Pages of Comfort – new follower via bloglovin
    My FF

    • lol, I wasn’t keen on fifty shades either, but the books I read are thank god on my kindle because they have titles that you can’t even pretend that they are not just porn lol have a good weekend

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