Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card – Review


Ender’s Game

By Orson Scott Card

Expected Publication: May 2013

Length: 368 pages

Publisher: Tor

Source: Brought

Genre: Sci-fi


Synopsis from Goodreads

The worldwide bestseller, Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card, with featured cover art from the major motion picture starring Harrison Ford, Ben Kingsley and Asa Butterfield as Ender Wiggin.

Once again, the Earth is under attack. An alien species is poised for a final assault. The survival of humanity depends on a military genius who can defeat the aliens. But who?

Ender Wiggin. Brilliant. Ruthless. Cunning. A tactical and strategic master. And a child.

Recruited for military training by the world government, Ender’s childhood ends the moment he enters his new home: Battle School. Among the elite recruits Ender proves himself to be a genius among geniuses. He excels in simulated war games. But is the pressure and loneliness taking its toll on Ender? Simulations are one thing. How will Ender perform in real combat conditions? After all, Battle School is just a game.

Isn’t it?


my thoughts


Wow this book was Amazing!

As I have mentioned before I am not a huge Sci-fi fan but I believe this is changing, especially when I read mind-blowing books like Ender’s game.  I originally picked up this book because the movie is coming out soon and I know my husband will want to see it.

The Plot

Children are genetically enhanced so they have a chance to save the world against an alien invasion in the future, Children are monitored during early childhood and the ones that show promise or are gifted are sent away to be trained on a space station.

Ender is only six when he is sent away, trying to find himself in a world where the teachers plot against him, and keep pushing his limits to see how much he can take, it is brutal physical and mental mind games, which Ender proves to excel at to become the youngest ever child to advance through the training, showing the most promise, but at what cost to his mind?

The Characters

Ender is such a beautiful little kid, he is thrown into such horrible situations you just want to save him.  Enders Intelligence levels sometimes make you forget though how young he really is thankfully you are reminded fairly often as he advances through all the games, Ender just wants friends and family but as they push him he begins to distance himself from everyone because he is scared that he will hurt them. The teachers are trying to turn him into a killing machine, and Ender is terrified of what he is becoming.


Bean is my other favorite character, probably because he is the second youngest to advance, Bean is a courageous little soul that wants Ender’s friendship and approval. There relationship is very touching.

The Conclusion

Although there are still more books in the series, which I would like to read, The ending of this book was a bit anti climatic, I can’t say much without giving away spoilers, but it is a fizzle.


I am rating this book five hearts and Highly recommend this book.






5 thoughts on “Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card – Review

  1. Hey Jodie!! Fab review!! It says a lot about a book that you still rated it 5 stars even though the ending wasn’t as good as you hoped. I am intrigued about Ender and what he has to go through. I don’t pick up a lot of Sci-fi books, but you have captured my interest on this one!!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

    • I am not a sci-fi fan but things are changing I have read some fantastic books this year. I loved how it could be so dark and horrible in what they were doing to young children but still so bright and exciting when ender managed to navigate through their horrible tasks and still come out on top. they also showed how ender’s struggled emotionally with his decisions when alot of books just gloss over it.

  2. Ender’s Game has been on my TBR shelf since I heard Harrison Ford was staring in the movie. I’m that easy. But it has been sitting there for a year. Even with the anticlimactic ending, you loved it. I have to read this. The friendship between the boys and Ender’s nature being gentle but being thrust into rigerous training, sounds so good. I hope your and your family are doing well. Happy reading, Jodie!

    • Thanks robyn, with enders game you can be sucked up in the excitement of the sci fi stuff, but there is a real underdog, morality theme running through it and I do love a good underdog story. you should get it out and read it. 🙂

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