Gold Coast Angels bundle of trouble by Fiona Lowe – Review

sweet romance

Gold Coast Angels

Bundle of Trouble

By Fiona Lowe

Expected Publication: November 2013

Length: 132 pages

Publisher: Mills and Boon

Source: Netgalley

Genre:  Australian Medical Romance


Synopsis from Goodreads

Top-notch plastic surgeon Luke Stanley left Gold Coast City Hospital a proud family man — and returned from his vacation a widowed single father. Now Nurse Chloe Kefes is the only one brave enough to get close to the darkly brooding Luke.

Chloe has been through much in life herself, and knows falling for Luke and little Amber is asking for a bundle of trouble. But if she can help bring that laughing, easygoing man back, perhaps Chloe can bring the sparkle into all their lives again.

my thoughts


Gold Coast Angels is a nice step away from the heavier genres I have been reading lately.  Reading a Mills and Boon Romance to me is like a mini vacation, usually I read them in a day and give me all warm and fuzzy feelings.  

The Plot

Chloe has had a rough life, she has worked hard to become a nurse in the Gold Coast Hospital Plastics department.  Chloe has been through hell and back and survived. Chloe also knows how it looks to be at breaking point so she is able to recognise the signs and instantly drawn to plastic surgeon Luke when he returns to the Hospital.

Luke went away on a dream vacation with his wife and baby when something horrible happened and he is left the single widowed father of a little girl, Luke is struggling keeping his emotions under control at work and struggling to survive, yet he is inexplicably drawn to Nurse Chloe.


The Romance

Although this book isn’t likely to make you hot under the collar it is a bitter-sweet romance between two broken souls trying to find peace in their troubled lives.  Luke can be a Jerk at work but Chloe can see that something isn’t right with him, and takes him under her wing to help heal his broken heart.

The Good

A beautiful short story about overcoming obstacles and surviving against odds, and how with love miracles can happen.

The Bad

I can’t really fault this book except it bugged me how Luke could throw so much verbal abuse around and get away with it, or how he could be screaming at Chloe and she would be getting all hot and tingly and attracted.


I recommend this book as a mini vacation from heavier subjects, a great fun light read.







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