Awakening the Warriors by S.E Gilchrist – Review


Awakening the Warriors

By S.E Gilchrist

Expected Publication: May 2013

Length: 56 pages

Series: Legends of the Seven Galaxies

Publisher: Harlequin Enterprises Australia

Source: Netgalley

Genre: Sci-fi, Erotica


Synopsis from Goodreads

Set in the world of the bestselling title Legend Beyond the Stars, an erotic novella about two warriors who have lost the ability to desire, and the human woman who is about to wake them up.

Fran must have been crazy to leave her ordinary, safe life and volunteer as a colonist to terra-form a new earth. Now she is trapped in a prison cell on an alien planet a zillion miles from home and bound for a hideous death in notorious research chambers.

She has one chance of escape: awaken the long dormant sexual urges of the Darkon Warriors shackled in the next cell.

It’s a desperate job, but someone has to do it.

my thoughts


I really enjoyed this short novella, I have not read any of the Legend of the Seven Galaxies series but this was a great start even though it is #1.5.  The cover was the first to draw me into this book, it is amazingly bright and sexy looking.  I am glad I requested it and I am now looking forward to reading the full length series.

The Plot

Fran and a group of human space travellers are kidnapped and shoved in a cell with other female captives from different Planets.  They are awaiting their death or worse experimentation, the other captives have pretty much given up hope of escape or rescue.

Fran feels she needs to protect 15-year-old fellow earth traveller Margaret and refuses to give up hope,  Fran is told that there is a cell up from theirs that holds some Darkon Warriors which is a species of Alien that have lost their desire, they are brutally beaten every few hours by their captors, Fran decides that they would be their only chance of survival, but first she needs to awaken their desire.

The Characters

Fran is a kick arse human female who will do anything to get Margaret and herself to safety which includes awakening the two Darkon Warriors by having incredibly hot sex with them.  She comes of as fearless, protective and willing to do what it takes to protect Margaret.

Margaret is a 15-year-old runaway from earth who is in search of her sister.  We don’t get much information about her other than that she is sick, but the only emotion that you get from the novel is between Fran and Margaret.

The Conclusion

For a Novella this book is really entertaining but it is mostly Porn, There is no depth of emotion and what emotion exists between the characters is wrapped up extremely quickly in the last chapter.  However I got enough out of this novella to know that I really want to read the other full length novels in this series.


I am rating this book three hearts, enjoyable but not much depth, but what more can you ask for in a steamy, short and Sexy novella who needs a storyline? 





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