Captivate Blog Tour Stop and Author Interview


Welcome To Aussie Bookworms Stop on the Captivate Blog Tour.  First up we have an Interview with Author Vanessa Garden and then My Review of Captivate.

It was a great opportunity for me to Interview and Interact with Vanessa she is a wonderful down to earth Aussie and I hope you enjoy the Interview.

Vanessa Garden is also our Australian Feature Author of the Month check out our Post Here.

Vanessa Garden Interview

1. What made you want to be a writer?

Looking back over the years, I guess I have always been inspired by other authors, songwriters and even filmmakers to write. I appreciate storytelling in all its forms and can remember as a child reading a book and thinking, wow, I wish I could write stories like this. I actually wrote a few stories when very young, one of them being a pick-a-path book I co-wrote with my best friend. I remember one of the options in the story being to ‘sit on a rock and cry’ or to ‘enter a cave with a bear inside’. Brutal stuff! 🙂  

2. Advice for anyone wanting to become a writer?

Write the story you’d love to read. And don’t be afraid to write ‘bad’ at first – it can be edited later. Just let yourself go and write something that has you itching to get back to your laptop or notepad.

3. With everyone writing about zombies and Vampires what made you write a story about an underwater city?

I found the setting of an underwater city somewhat darkly romantic. I’ve always thought the bottom of the sea to be the loneliest place on earth, so it was exciting to imagine a glittering domed city, full of interesting people, hiding from the rest of the world beneath the deep sea. 

4. Where did you get your inspiration?


I was listening to a song one day, called ‘To You I Bestow’ by an Irish artist named Mundy. It’s a deeply romantic song, and this vision of a gorgeous young king gazing down into the eyes of a girl filled my head. They were standing in a beautiful garden and I sensed they were somewhere foreign, somewhere magical.  


5. As an employee of a book store will you tell people you are the author when you sell copies of Captivate?

This is a great question! Most of our regular customers already know and are excited to read Captivate, which is lovely. And my bosses have been so great about it, allowing me to dress up a window for my books. I guess it will be strange if somebody asks me ‘Is this book any good?’ I suppose that’s the moment I’ll have to tell them I wrote it, he he.

6. What has been your best experience with being an Author?

Becoming a member of the Harlequin family, without a doubt. Harlequin Teen Australia are just the loveliest bunch of people I have had the pleasure to work with.

Also, sharing my story with readers. To have a stranger tell me they’ve enjoyed Captivate makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside and tells me I’ve done my job as an author.


7. When can we expect the next book?

Unfortunately I don’t have an answer to this question yet, but Book Two has been written and is now in the hands of Harlequin.  

8. How many will there be in the series?

I’ve planned a trilogy and also a pre-quel.

9. what are your favourite authors that made you want to be a writer?

I have so many favourite authors. For a vintage author, John Steinbeck has always been inspiring to me – he is my favourite writer of all time, ‘Of Mice and Men’ just blew me away as a teen, but at the moment, I’m loving Julie Kagawa, Cassandra Clare, Brigid Kemmerer and George R R Martin.  

18683518Captivate Review

Author:  Vanessa Garden

Published: January 2014

Length: 304 Pages

Publisher: Harlequin Teen 

Source: Harlequin and Author for Honest Review

Genre:  Fantasy/ Sci- Fi Romance




The Plot

Miranda has a terrible secret, everyone around her dies.

Miranda and her sister go for a midnight swim, her life is changed forever when a stranger drags her into an underwater city.

Miranda is kept Captive and told that the fate of the city is resting on her shoulders, the women of Marin have become barren, and they need someone who is fertile to marry their young handsome King to produce a heir to the throne.

The Romance


A Love Triangle that is so up and down that you have no Idea which team to go for.


Miranda struggles as a captive, as  you would expect, but while the handsome King tries to woo her and make her feel comfortable in the underwater city, she is given the Kings most trustworthy and personal best friend as her guard not necessarily to keep her locked up like you would think but to ensure her safety.  As they are forced to spend time together Robbie and Miranda become close and develop feelings for each other, Miranda uses this to convince Robbie that he needs to help her escape.

Meanwhile King Marko is a Frustrated, Cranky and brooding (but he has good reason for it since his brother is trying to overthrow him and his people are suffering being unable to have children.)

Marko tries to get to know Miranda without pushing her into a loveless relationship he tries to befriend her and in the process falls in love with her, Miranda has feelings in return but are conflicted because she is being held captive.

For once instead of going tor the moody bad boy I am firmly on Team Robbie, although Marko is only trying to do what is best for his people he has a habit of acting like a child.


The Good

Miranda lives her life in the shadow of her beautiful sister, which makes her very insecure and lacking self confidence, Marko makes Miranda aware that even though she isn’t model thin or stunningly beautiful, she is amazing and beautiful in her own way, this is why he loves her.

Miranda is torn between her life on land and fixing her relationships with her estranged family, and a life in a glittering, beautiful underwater city with a man she is falling in love with.

The Bad

I could not pick a lot of faults with this book, it is amazingly written however a bit more emotional depth concerning Marko would have been great  so I could connect better to his Character.


I read this book in nearly one sitting I could not put it down, so Captivate has earned it’s spot on my favourite Shelf.

I have never felt so many emotions in reading a book, the heartbreak of Miranda’s family situation to her kidnapping and the up and down confusing relationship between Marko, Robbie and Miranda, make Captivate a truly memorable original story.

Captivate is from an Amazing Debut Australian Author, I highly recommend it and I cannot wait for the story to continue.










10 thoughts on “Captivate Blog Tour Stop and Author Interview

  1. I am so excited to read this!! I never even heard about it until your post. I love the interview and how the author thought of the story from a song. That’s plain cool. I don’t think I have ever thought of writing a story about an underwater city. I should go ahead and ask my library to purchase this book so I can get my hands on it when it’s out. Great review and interview, Jodie.

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  3. Awesome review Jodie!! I really enjoyed this book too! I am not sure which guy I love more Marko or Robbie… I love them both! It was a great read. And I like your interview… Harlequin better like book 2, I want more!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

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