Into the After by Melanie Edwards – Review

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Apocalypse Blog 

Into the After

By Melanie Edwards

Expected Publication: April 2012

Length: 406 pages

Series: Apocalypse Blog

Publisher: Independent

Source: Brought from Amazon

Genre: Apocalypse fiction


Synopsis from Goodreads

“The world is broken. It’s broken and it wants to kill us. All of us. I think it might succeed.”

At Christmas, the city was attacked by an unknown force. All Faith and her friends know of it is the fallout: a tainted sky that throws down acid rain, and a Sickness that kills and warps everyone it touches.

There is no help coming. There is no food being grown or fresh clothes being made. All they have to live on is what they can scavenge, and those supplies are only getting harder to find.

It’s August now. They’ve lost friends and gained new members since the bomb went off, and it’s time to start looking for a way to sustain themselves before there are no more scraps to find.

The only lead they have is a distant radio message. Will it hold the promise of a future? Can they forge a new world from the ashes of the old one?

my thoughts



In 2012 I was struggling with a failing business, two children with Autism which we were trying to get help for, and failing health.  I had been buying up to four books a fortnight from Book Depository but things were getting tight so I invested in a kindle, (I had recently had a kindle app for a cheap android device) one of the first things I did when I got my kindle was scour Amazon for freebies, One book I stumbled upon was Apocalypse blog 0, I loved it so much that I went and brought the rest in the series except for the last one. This series was what made me fall in love with indie books and managed to save my sanity when I could no longer afford to support my book addiction. After 2 years I finally brought the last installment and it did not disappoint.

The Plot

Faith and her friends finally make it to the military base they have been searching for hoping for salvation. But it seems that it is not the salvation they were hoping for, separated from her friends Faith finds it hard to relax and follow instructions in her new situation. This reminded me a lot about the set up of the governors town in The Walking Dead, they have made a utopia and refuge from Zombies and the Acid rain but under the surface hides dark secrets which Faith and her friends are just uncovering, such as the shamblers that are kept tied up in the infirmary’s basement, how men and women are kept segregated except for at night when women are picked to entertain the men to keep the peace.

Of course Faith and her friends do not belive in being forced into having sex to keep the peace or not seeing each other, but when they stumble upon something that will really turn their stomachs they decide that they will leave and head back to the university where the rest of the seekers are staying, but will it be so easy to leave?

The Romance

The romance in apocalyptic stories are always a little bit hit and miss with me, usually they hook up for comfort or because there is no one else to turn to but I loved how after Faith’s disastrous relationships throughout the series, she finally settles down with someone who is perfect for her and is willing to do what ever necessary to keep her safe.  Faith and Matt is a very sweet relationship which slowly turned from friendship to love over these three books and although I have wanted faith and Matt to get together I never imagined they would.

The Good

The romance, Faith’s father, new friends action and a happy ending what more could you want.

The Bad

I want more!!!!

The Conclusion

I could not put this book down, nor any of the one’s before it, the first book is free and the last book was under $6 there is nothing to lose by giving them a try. I highly recommend them.


For an amazing story of survival, although zombies feature in this story they are not a main part which makes this series more unique than your usual zombie story. 





3 thoughts on “Into the After by Melanie Edwards – Review

  1. Your trials really touched me. When my marriage broke up I no longer had a book budget and I discovered the library, which turned out to be such a wonderful thing. I checked out everything from how to get a divorce to new release movies. I got the Kindle app for my computer and published my first two books still not owning a Kindle because it wasn’t in the budget. I love that you found a way to get books and that you discovered this one. I one-clicked book 0. Oh, I just reserved the first season of the Walking Dead at my library. We’ll see if I’m too wussy for it.

    • Walking dead is my favourite. I grew up in the library I long as I could remember it has always been my sanctuary, but unfortunately in this small town we share books with other towns and It is hard to get books. But I love my kindle I couldn’t imagine life without it lol, Tragic I know. You will have to let me know what you think of the walking dead

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