January 2014 Wrap Up

Monthly Wrap up

Wow this month has flown by so fast. It has been a busy but sweet month here with back to school preparations at work and my baby girl starting school. I hope you have all had a great start to the year.

Aussie Bookworms Aussie Author of the month:


Here is what I reviewed in January:

  1. Found 
  2. The apocalypse Blog
  3. Inside these walls
  4. Expecting a Bolton Baby
  5. Sworn to Raise
  6. Dark wolf Running
  7. Feed
  8. The Fault in our stars

Here is What I have Read but not yet published my Reviews:

      • Sugar and Salt
      • The house on Burra Burra Lane
      • Breathe
      • Panic
      • Red Hill

Here are My Challenge Updates:

Vampire Challenge:  0/10

Dystopian Challenge: 1/20

Out do yourself Challenge: 12/116 read


1.The Gift (not exciting enough)

2.The wrong girl

3. The Problem with Seduction


prophecy Girl



8 thoughts on “January 2014 Wrap Up

  1. “busy but sweet” made me smile. I hope February brings you more of the same. Is this your baby girl’s first year of school? Happy reading, Jodie! I think I’ve finally settled on a book to read.

      • My family in Iowa are getting dumped on this winter, but the crazy vortex has steered clear of us in Washington state. I remember when Will first went to preschool. It was a special autism program and they wouldn’t let the parents join the kids. We had to walk away. I cried all the way to my car and then in my car and repeated the process that first week.

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