Clean out Your E-Reader Challenge March

March 2014 COYER Signups


I took part in this challenge last year, but didn’t do too well, but I did have a blast taking part, so here I am again I have since added lots more books to my Kindle, Since my fail last year I am only going to aim for a light Clean between 5- 9 ebooks.  If I get more done great.

feel free to link up in my comments for anyone else participating.


5 thoughts on “Clean out Your E-Reader Challenge March

  1. I’m doing this challenge too! I already went through my Kindle and I couldn’t stop choosing books. I didn’t do so hot last challenge either, I added almost as many books as I read!

  2. Good for you, Jodie! I’m participating in this challenge too, because I have waaaaayy too many books on my ereader. 🙂 But I’m kinda like Robyn – I end up adding just as many, if not more, books than I ‘remove’! *ha* Good luck!!

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