Sugar and Salt Review by Pavarti K Tyler


Title: Sugar and Salt

Author: Pavarti K Tyler

Series: A Sugar House Novella

Publisher: Evolved Publishing

Source: Netgalley for honest review

The Synopsis

Evolved Publishing presents the first in the erotic “Sugar House Novellas” series by award winning author Pavarti K. Tyler. 

After over a decade working in the sex industry, Janice Cane retains no illusions about the nature of relationships. Everyone lies and everyone wants something. Still, a part of her longs for a connection.

Speed-dating becomes her addiction, a place to find a man for the night when she needs a quick fix, and her last hope that true love may still be waiting around the next corner. When a mysterious man entices both her intellect and her lust, she becomes entangled in an affair more complicated than she’d expected.

Enter the world of The Sugar House. Here you’ll meet the illustrious Madam Janice Cane and her brood of men and women who will fulfill your every fantasy. But can they find a way to fulfill their own?

Watch for more Sugar House Novellas!
Protecting Portia is coming in 2014.


My Thoughts

Sugar and Salt was such an entertaining novella, and what I think will be a great start to a series.  Madam Janice Crane is in charge of the Sugar house, an illegal brother that she runs, but treats all her staff like family.  With all the lust going around Janice is lonely and uses the excuse of research to attend speed dating every week, where she meets salt, she is instantly drawn to him but he works for the UN and both could be in a lot of trouble if he finds out what her job is.

I loved the characters in this story, Janice is well-respected everyone knows her and she treats all her staff like family, she runs a tight ship.  I loved how Janice is such a strong character, But when it comes to her own sex life she is vulnerable and lonely.

Salt works for the UN specifically with working with prostitutes and his mind gets blown when he realises the sexy woman he has been hooking up with is a madam.  I love the interaction between Salt and Janice as she tries to show Salt that her operation is about protecting her staff and not abusing them.

This is such a fun read, although there is an undertone on the dark side of prostitution, it doesn’t overwhelm the story and make you feel yucky, it is kept light and fun.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to escape into fantasy for a while.


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