February DNF List

I have mentioned before that I don’t review books that I have not finished reading but I will give a short reason on why the book did not fit with me.  Just becuase I didn’t enjoy a book doesn’t mean that you wont I have read many books that others have hated but I have loved.


  1. Keri Arthur Michael and Nikki series, I have read book one but did not really get too into it and the next book I could not even pretend to be interested in it.  since I wasn’t so fond of the first book the series did not really stay in my head and I kept getting confused.  This series is unfortunately not for me, But I would like to state that this series is really popular so I was surprised when I did not enjoy it.


2. Wolf Creek by Greg Mclean, I love Wolf Creek the movie a great Australian slasher movie, and with Wolf Creek 2 coming out I could not be more excited when I discovered they have been made into a book series, Unfortunately for me there is a lot of difference to watching someone kill someone on T.V and being inside their heads while they commit these crimes in book form, I am use to reading books from the victims point of view, but to read it from the killer’s point of view is pretty graphic and messed up. I tried to finish it but in the end it was too scary and giving me nightmares, So if you like to be scared witless and want a look inside a psychopaths brain this is the book for you, I think I will stick to the movies.

3. Lock Step by Karl Schroeder,  The cover drew me in with this story but as I am new to the whole Sci-fi genre I think I bit of more than I could chew with this one, it kept going over my head with all the technical time travel/cryogenic stuff.  It had good premise with the plot but I had trouble following it.  Lock Step is more for the die-hard Sci-fi fans.



2 thoughts on “February DNF List

  1. Nalini Singh often gives us a glimpse inside the mind of the psychopath and it’s always creepy, but a whole book would freak me out! I can’t even handle movies like that. I watched Seven and that was it. That kind of evil messes me up…Oh, but I am all caught up on The Walking Dead! Still can’t read zombie books though.

    • books are so much worse than movies your imagination is scarier than any reality or T.V program. Carrier would be a great start to reading zombies because it is not quite zombies but still good. or Apocalypse Blog because zombies are not a huge focus in the stories.

      Have a good weekend Robyn.

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