Enmity by E.J Andrews Blog tour Guest Post and Review

Enmity-Blog-Tour_long (1)Welcome to my tour stop for Enmity a Y.A Dystopia story told from a different perspective I enjoyed this story and was lucky to have Author E.J Andrews write a guest post about her favourite scene to write in Enmity so kick back, read and enjoy.

Guest Post by E.J Andrews

My Favourite Scene to Write

My favourite scene to write was probably the introduction between Hermia and Chase. I enjoyed writing their confusion; Hermia’s panic; and, Chase’s amusement in her hysterical behaviour – but he tries to introduce himself regardless.
“All I see is the plain grey uniform they all wear and I panic, moving backwards hastily like a deranged person running from a demon.
‘Hi.’ I hear just one small word exit his mouth.
He looks quite confused at me trying to escape while still facing him. We are now at least five or six feet apart.
‘What are you doing?’ is all I can think to ask, though it’s more an accusation than a question.
I actually get a look at the guy, and he can’t be much older than me, a year at most I would say. His eyes, they are most striking, but I have no idea why. I don’t usually like brown eyes, but his are so deep they seem profound.
‘I was just introducing myself, I heard that was polite?’”
Chase never had any interest in the adolescents that were brought to the Compound; he continued his routine as normal while his brother and friends became their Keepers to assist with Darria’s plan to train them.
Hermia, on the other hand, hates everything to do with the Compound and its Keepers and its creepy homeliness. But when Hermia meets Chase she seems to forget all that and all she sees is the challenge that Chase is setting before her – to catch him.
I enjoyed writing this scene because it was one of the first I actually came up with once I had started writing Enmity. As soon as I imagined Hermia and Chase meeting in my mind it was such a rush of adrenaline and excitement to put it down into words. The first meeting between two strangers can foreshadow how their whole relationship will evolve – with Chase and Hermia their initial meeting sets up that their relationship will be anything but simple.
“‘I’m Hermia,’ I say and then extend my hand. I know that he knows who I am; I’m just trying to figure out his game.
‘I’m Chase.’ He closes the gap between us and takes my hand, shaking it quickly, his face hardening a bit after he lets it go. ‘Apparently I was named Chase because, well, I’m good at chasing people.’
The feeling of Chase’s hand grasped in mine is still a fresh imprint on my skin, and his words seem like a challenge. I know he was just making conversation, but I cannot help wanting to run. I give him the most wicked smile I possess and take off, leaving him standing there, bewildered.”

9781743566213_0414_Enmity_CVR (1)

My Thoughts


We are introduced to the world that Enmity is set as it ends, A solar Flare wipes out Life as they know it.  60 years later is when the story begins, told in dual narration between a male and female character, Nate and Hermia we get an insight into the new world through their thoughts and feelings, I really liked the duel Narration because you really get a good Insight in what happens through the story.

A group of Teenagers are kidnapped and taken to a training facility to help take over and create a new world leader, the world has become a terrible place to live, and with each character being chosen for the compound for different reasons, they are trained to become deadly assassins charged with assassinating the current leader, you get the feeling all the teenagers are expandable to the new world leader until we start to unravel exactly why each character is chosen and we go deeper into each personality and history.

Enmity is an action packed, suspense with a bit of romance packed into a novel that gives you a different view of a rebellion, usually in dystopians we find that the main character disillusioned with how the world is, they create an act of rebellion that catches on, except in Enmity we are not sure if the Rebellion or New World Order are going to make a difference instead of inspiring the main characters to join, they are kidnapped some in horrible circumstances, It makes you wonder what is going to happen in the next installment,  are the new world Order going to make a difference or will the Characters get the chance to make up their own minds on how the world should be run.



2 thoughts on “Enmity by E.J Andrews Blog tour Guest Post and Review

  1. Great guest post! It’s neat that the first meeting between the characters lit the fire for this story. It does sound different than your typical dystopian and I like that there is still enough room for a little romance. I hope all is well with you and the family, Jodie!

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