Evensong by L.J Smith #Review

20557143Title: Paradise LostAuthor: L.J Smith

Series: Vampire Diaries / Evensong (Fan Fic by original Author)

Publisher: Amazon

Source: Brought from Amazon

Release Date: Jan 22 2014


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This fanfic is based on The Vampire Diaries book series—also by L. J. Smith—and takes place after the volume Midnight.

Damon is back and enjoying his vampire existence to its fullest. Elena, Bonnie and their friends are in their third week at Dalcrest College, ordinary students aware of an extraordinary world that verges on their own campus.
Stefan is scarcely aware that he is living in a fragile paradise with Elena as his devoted girl . . . until one night it all shatters. He wakes from a dream to find Elena limp and white in his arms and rushes her to the hospital for a massive transfusion.

Elena survives, but Stefan decides that the only way she will ever truly be safe is without him. To make his exit complete, Stefan removes himself from the memories of Elena, her friends, and all of Fell’s Church.

Can first love ever really be forgotten? Will Damon finally have Elena by his side as his Princess of Darkness? The epic story begins in Evensong: Paradise Lost

My Thoughts




I was so upset to find out that L.J Smith was not allowed to finish her vampire diaries series, I have been reading these books since they first came out years ago.  So Thank you Amazon for allowing Ms Smith to continue her series how she wanted it through Fan Fic.

Well now it is so hard to separate L.J Smiths writing from the Ghost writer series, plus the T.v show, It can all get a bit confusing, Paradise Lost takes part straight after Midnight, Daemon is back and as wonderful as ever, although I am a huge Delena fan, to have him focus on Bonnie, is upsetting to me, I love how Daemon is protective of her, but now it is starting to look like a romance and I still want Eleana to be his Princess of Darkness.

Stefen is still his stuffy scaredy cat self, and the gang is still awesome.  I love continuing on from the stories, but I wish I had of re-read Midnight to get a perspective on where the story is. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the stories, I think I will get over the Daemon, Bonnie romance if I have to but I am just so excited to be reading the real deal, even if it is “Fake” written by the real author. so screwed up.

Anyway definitely buy these and support L.J Smith so she can continue with TVD the way it was supposed to be.






3 thoughts on “Evensong by L.J Smith #Review

  1. I love that Smith cares about her story and her fans so much she made her own way to share her books. I have to admit I haven’t read this series, but I’m in your camp about Daemon and this Bonnie. hehe

    • The Bonnie in the books is completely different to the Bonnie in the show, she is a lot sweeter, dumber and a redhead lol. The Show doesn’t follow the books so it is like watching and reading completely different series.

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