March Wrap Up 2014

Monthly Wrap up




April has been a bit of a pain for my family, everyone has had the flu since it is changing seasons finally here, plus hubby has broken a rib falling off his motorbike, with all the drama and sickness going around I havn’t had too much of a chance to read.  I am really hoping to get stuck into the books since I have some very exciting looking ones to read.

Aussie Bookworms Author of the Month













All our Yesterdays by Cristin Terrill

Fury by  Charlotte McConaghy

The Break up Artist by Philip Siegel

Dial M for Menage by Emily Ryan-Davis

Burn out by Kristi Helvig (Review)

The Forever Song by Julie Kagawa



Paradise Lost by L.J Smith

The Ophelia Prophecy by Sharon Lynn Fisher

Expiration Day by Campbell Powell

Burn out by Kristi Helvig

Dark Moon by Leisl Leighton

Heart Beat by Elizabeth Scott

Kahyatle by Elle Casey

Anything to Have you by Paige Harbinson



Challenge Updates:

Vampire Challenge: The Forever song

Dystopian Challenge: The Forever Song, All our yesterdays, Burnout

Out do yourself challenge 34/116



















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