Book Discussions – The Evolution of Monsters

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The Evolution of Monsters


The first monster book I ever read was by Anne Rice, So I started off on the Vampires are monsters with a hint of humanity and I was hooked, I loved how They were dangerous and mysterious with so much history behind them. They were just as likely to rip out your throat as they were to take you under their wing.  Over the years Monsters have evolved slowly, after reading Anne rice I turned to the Vampire diaries and Buffy (Good old 90s) Vampires were starting to change, In the 80’s, Buffy The Vampire Slayer Movie, Vampires were still ugly MOFO’s that killed people and Buffy was the hero, The vampire Diaries had Stefan, but he wanted to be more human,  I didn’t really like him as he was too soft, Daemon still had that dangerous feel too him but this is where things changed for me they were not described as ugly.

Then in 1997 Buffy the T.V series came out and I was in heaven, I still loved reading Christopher Pike and R.L Stine where Monsters were monsters but some had a hint of humanity, that made them likable you just didn’t want to get on their bad side.  But in Buffy the Vampires were like humans but when they vamped out they were still hideous, Drew and Spike were my favorites they were still evil and crazy but they didn’t take shit from no one, In the start anyway, Spike wimped out in the end.

The end of Buffy and the Naughties, I stopped reading so much and Started to become an adult, Working and moving out of home-made it hard to read so much and making a place in the world and having children replaced that.  I still loved my books but I didn’t read as much.

When Harry Potter emerged Reading took off again for a lot of people no longer are witches evil with cackling and ugly bumps on their noses they were cute little kids or amazing beautiful wizards even giants and dragons aren’t so scary anymore. It paved the way for softer Monsters in T.V and Books.

Then of course came Twilight series, Now instead of Scary Vampires with a hint of humanity, Vampires are Sparkly, Glittery families that live off animals and love humans.  I admit I have read them and I did love them, but I didn’t like how Vampires are Teddy Bears now. Soft and Cuddly with no bite.  I loved the werewolf because they still had their mean protective natures.

Now I have noticed that even zombies are getting the softer Treatment they are evolving from unthinking, Rabid creatures that think only to kill, now are becoming thinking, angry humans that may rot a little, this goes as far as Warm Bodies were they fall in love with a human. So wrong.

Anyway I do have a point to all this, who misses the good old days where monsters were evil with a bit of humanity, not cuddly creatures that we can love and sparkle?

Give Me Eric any day over Bill or Edward.

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5 thoughts on “Book Discussions – The Evolution of Monsters

  1. It is refreshing when a monster is a monster and something you want to throw stuff at and run for your life. I still like my cuddly monsters for sure as long as they’re not crying in their beer about all their victims. Eric over Bill any dang day of the year!! I hope the family is feeling better.

  2. Your reading and TV watching list is very similar to mine, Jodie. Personally, I think part of the attraction of a monster is that they have a dark side. They might roped that dark side in, but it should always be a struggle between the dark in them and the light they might want to live in, one which they don’t always win.
    Also, I don’t think some of the monsters that were treated as monsters in the past are truly monsters. If they didn’t kill and destroy to live, but were just different from others, then, for me, they’re not really monsters (shapeshifters for instance). I do like how the idea of vampires and werewolves and demons are constantly being played with and how people are coming up with their own versions of the mythology. Sometimes I don’t agree with how they’ve been portrayed (sparkly vampires was just a bit too far I think, even though I did really enjoy those books) but I still find it fascinating that there are a vast number of ways of interpreting these ancient myths and legends.

  3. So True Leisl, I love that people can still put a unique spin on a creature that has been around for centuries, I have read a couple of Zombie books this year that really put a spin on what a Zombie is , Such as Carrier by Vanessa Garden, where men are Infected with a virus that kills women, They are not Zombies as such but are treated as them, Another is ARV-3 by Cameo Rene, in which Zombies can communicate with each other and make tactical decisions. But yes I do love most paranormal stories, sometimes they are taken a bit too far, like with sparkly vampires and lovable zombies, but That is the beauty of the imagination it has no bounds. Thanks for adding to the discussion. 🙂

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