Dial M for Menage by Emily Ryan Davis #Mature Review

Title: Dial M for Menage

Author: Emily Ryan Davis

Series: Menage on 34th street #2

Publisher: Carina Press

Source: with thanks from Publisher and Netgalley for Honest Review

Release Date:  March 3rd 2014

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The Synopsis

Katrina Holland began the new year by waking up with two men in her bed. Introducing marine Hunter Croft into her marriage was passionate and explosive—for Katrina and her husband Liam. But now that the honeymoon period is over and they’ve returned to the real world, can this arrangement ever work?

Liam Holland thought he had it all—a beautiful wife, great home, and a solid career. Only one thing—one man—eluded him. When he saw an opportunity to grab Hunter, Liam reached out with both hands, determined not to let go. But as the first rush of passion fades, Liam must identify exactly how far he’s willing to go to keep Hunter a part of their lives.

Hunter needs something only Liam and Kat can give him. But while he’s willing to change some aspects of his life to be with the couple, he’s a marine before all else. When a reassignment means relocation, he’ll need to move on—with or without his two lovers.

*See how Kat, Liam and Hunter’s love began in Ménage on 34th Street.

Heart-blue-iconHeart-blue-iconHeart-blue-iconMy Thoughts




I did not realize that this was book number two in a series, so at first I was a little bit lost, fortunately I caught on quick to what the storyline is and I really enjoyed reading it.  Liam and Kat are a happily married couple, but feel like they are missing something in their lives, so they invited Hunter into their marriage and hearts, after the honeymoon period. They all have to go back to reality and try to make their unusual family life work.

I love the Interaction between the three characters, it is not often you get a peek into the romance stories after they get together, I love how we get insight in how Liam, Hunter and Kat try to make their relationship work when commitment, work and the Army are involved.

Although not a long story Dial M for Menage works, it is fun, entertaining and definitely leaves you hot and bothered. I would highly suggest reading the first book in the series first though, which I am planning on reading soon, I want to know how the relationship started.


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