What Remains by Kay Holland #Review

Title: What Remains

Author:Kay Holland

Series: Dead World #1

Publisher: Indie Inked

Source: with thanks from Publisher and Netgalley for Honest Review

Release Date: September 21st 2013

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The Synopsis

Project Fed. It was supposed to be the answer to hunger, but
instead, it was the destruction of the world as we knew it. The growth of chemically enhanced “super” fruits and vegetables began in unmarked farms across the Nations, as well as their distribution in small towns. Within hours of Project Fed’s first delivery and primary consumption, something far beyond expectancy was unleashed. Something far beyond what anyone could help.

Four months later, Seventeen year old Max Cade is trying to
survive amongst what remains of her old life. In an effort to escort an awry “Doctor” from one camp to the next, she will have to reintroduce her two young friends to the horrors beyond their shelter that she so badly wanted to shield them from. Getting there was supposed to be the easy part, but when travelling through a world of ruin, sometimes the undead have other plans.

Heart-blue-iconHeart-blue-iconHeart-blue-iconMy Thoughts



Ok Three hearts may be a bit generous with this one.  I love Zombie books, I don’t think I will ever get sick of them, So I held great hopes for What remains, The cover is bright and really well made and eye catching.  The plot however was interesting and a great twist on how the Zombie Virus spreads.

The storyline is choppy at times, skipping whole months at a time, the characters have unrealistic beliefs such as Max believing a Pre Med student could find the cure for  a Virus when no scientist could.  The editing also really needs to be looked at.

Apart from those points, it really is a good story, Max is babysitting when the shit hits the fan, she takes care of two kids and drive them to a military base. Max is automatically signed up as a guard and they try to help keep things in order at the base, Putting down anyone that has the virus.  I had problems with this fact as well, It was as if Kay was describing cattle being shot not humans and children.

The base becomes compromised and Max has to escort the Pre Med Dr everyone is pinning their hopes on and the two kids to another base which their trip as you can imagine goes from bad to worse.

A good short book for when you have nothing else to read, After some Editing What remains would be a wonderful story.



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