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So I have been having trouble lately, whether it is because of health reasons, or kids or life in general my reading has dropped from 3 books a week to one. which with me still unable to stop adding books to my TBR list each month I am falling so behind.

I am currently 7 books behind on my good reads yearly challenge, I am also behind in my netgalley percentage and I have a whole shelf on books I need to read.  Also adding up is my list of books that I really want to read but because I don’t have a review obligation for them as I have purchased them, I feel guilty about reading them.

I know I know I am complaining about having too many books to read, although it sounds like a dream it is also a lot of pressure on top of my health deteriorating and my child’s Sensory Processing disorder playing up.

So what to do?


My first step is to get my Net galley under control, i have started leaving feedback to publishers for books that I have been hanging on too to read later when I really don’t feel like reading them for what ever reason, so any books that have been on my list for too long is going. (I hate DNF so I keep picking them up again and putting them down, ) It adds to stress when lets face it there are so many books on my list that are begging to be read.

I want to join a catch up Challenge if anyone is having one in the next few months drop me a link so I can join.

I am going to get some of those pleasure reads out-of-the-way.  I am starting this week reading The Fiery Heart, which I have owned since it came out, but not yet read.

I am banning myself from requesting books from Netgalley for the next month, I have way too many and need to read a few and stop requesting.  Unless it is Talon by Julie Kagawa then all bets are off lol.

So I have set myself these goals and lets see how I go.

anyone else have any suggestions?


5 thoughts on “Book Discussions – Blogger/Reader Burnout.

  1. For a few months at the start of the year I was having the hardest time getting through books. I was too tired, my eyes wouldn’t focus, and they boys were stressing me out. I lowered my goal on Goodreads because it bummed me out to see that I was behind. And then I picked up Rock Chick by Kristen Ashley and it was so funny, light, and hot it put me back on track. I hope you enjoy Fiery Heart. Adrian….hmmmm.

    The sensory issues playing up is tough. I remember just going along with the routine with Will and then suddenly he’s all over the place and my tricks don’t work, I don’t work, it’s maddening and a little heart breaking. The thing about that is it will pass or at least ease up. I’ll be sending you positive feel good, play good vibes.

    Oh, I know of one reading challenge (COYER – clean out your ereader)

    • Thanks Robyn,

      Sensory issues suck, you think you have your kids worked out then bam, life is hectic again. I will have to pick up Rock Chick maybie I need something light and funny. But Adrian Yeah mmmmmmmmmmmmm, where was I ? lol. Thanks Robyn for the tips

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