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I am one of those annoying people that will read a book before I watch the T.v or Film adaption, then sit through the show and yell out, “That’s not what happened!”  here is why I love to read the book first.


I love when my favorite books get adapted to screen, but I will always try to read the book first, mostly because you get a deeper emotional connect and information about the characters, you can get inside their heads and feel what they feel. Screen adaption can be one-dimensional you see them and how they are reacting but you really don’t get that connection and depth that comes from a book.

It is disappointing though when you have a character so clear in your head that when the adaption is made but the Actor doesn’t fit your description. I found this particularly true for City of Bones, In my head the actors were completely different to how I imagined them to look, but even though I had trouble seeing them as who they were suppose to be, I totally loved the movie. This is also a problem for me when they do completely change the characters, for example on The Vampire Diary’s Bonnie, In the book she is an annoying red-head, but has a cute thing going with Daemon. The T.v Bonnie is nothing like insecure book Bonnie.

Story lines

This is a big one for me that will usually turn me off the t.v/ movie, although I am becoming use to it.  One of my all time favorite books is Queen of the Damned by Anne Rice, it is amazing and vivid story, that I could not get enough of, I was so excited when it was being adapted, I could not wait.  Then came the day I actually saw it, and I was like WTF?  where did the plot go?  The book is nothing like the movie, it is a completely different story.  I highly recommend the book though it is so much better.

True Blood is also a favorite of mine as is the Southern Vampire Mysteries books, Yet after the 1st season the plot took a completely different turn to the books, and hasn’t come back.  At first I had a big problem with the story line changes, because the stories are so Amazing. Although some of the seasons have been a disappointment, I must admit I have enjoyed the T.V show, now I get to enjoy the books and the T.V show as two different worlds but the same characters, and I admit I enjoy not knowing what is going to happen.

Movies out shine the books

OK I can here you all thinking What? Never!  but this has only happened to me once and that is for Beautiful Creatures, I may be the minority here, but I did not like this series, I found it slow and boring. The movie however had all the boring bits cut out, so It was so much better.

My Favorites So Far

Harry Potter Series of Course!

Tomorrow when the War began


City of Bones

True Blood

The Vampire Diaries

Enders Game

The Hunger Games

The Princess Bride


What are your thoughts or Favorites?




5 thoughts on “Book Discussions – Books Vs Tv/Movies

  1. That’s a great list there. Since I fell in love with movies and TV before becoming a reader/writer, I’ve watched more adaptations than read the books. During The Horse Whisperer my mom leaned over in the theater and said, “They already did it three times in the the book.” She’s like you and has to read the book first. I watched the first Twilight movie before reading the series and loved both equally. I’m saving the Harry Potters to read with John and Will, but I love all the movies. I might have enjoyed reading The Hobbit more than watching the first movie, but Lord of the Rings movie franchise rocks my world. I wasn’t crazy about the movie The Host because so much was left out of the script. I was okay with most of the casting except for Jeb. William Hurt just isn’t my Jeb.

    Oh, the John Grisham books, most of those movies were as good as the books. What about Under the Dome? Has the series lived up to the book? One of my favorite mystery writers had his series become a show on A&E called Longmire…love it! The books are funnier and pull out more emotion, but the tv show is addictive. I’ll stop now. I’m pretty sure I could go on for days. I hope all is well, Jodie. Did you see that Bear Grylls has a new NBC show coming July 28, “Running Wild with Bear Grylls? I’m not sure how the networks are for you guys. On Guam we got everything two weeks late.

    • New bear show I will have to keep an eye out for it. I have heard you mention longmire before still havn’t looked it up yet, lol might now everything is on hiatus though. I haven’t read Under the dome yet but I love the show. John Grisham books and movies are good too. Thanks for your thoughts, and The tips on what to watch next have a great weekend Robyn

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