Aussie Author of the Month #review # Giveaway- Col Elliott



Title: In between the Laughter

Author: Col Elliott

Genre: Memoir

Source: With thanks from Author

Release Date:  March 2014

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Col Elliott has become one of Australia’s favourite entertainers.

Most know him from his many albums, television appearances, live work and DVD’s… However, there is a whole lot more to this man, who’s own life story will surprise and delight!.

From a ten quid Pommie, to a life in poor working-class Melbourne…

In the stables at 14, to the Navy at 16, and sent to vietnam at 17 … old enough to serve, yet too young to vote or drink. He writes a graphic account of gun-line operations in North Vietnam. Still a kid, surrounded by danger, and under fire. .

Life before show business, was as a Navy Sonar Operator and eventual Instructor.

He spent his 18th birthday in Vietnam, as part of the rescue team, when the USS Forestal lost 134 brave souls.

At 19, he was part of the rescue team that operated when the ‘Melbourne’ cut the ‘U.S.S. Frank. E. Evans’ in half … 74 men died that morning.

Col’s early life is related with much humour and honesty.

And throughout the book, you continue to follow his journey, as he and a rag tag bunch of unlikely heroes travel to exotic and often dangerous ports, as a rough and ready band of wandering minstrels.

Through all of this, humour plays an integral part… This is a story of survival and as a reader, Col gives you an insight into his battles with depression, alcoholism and at just 37, a major heart attack. He regroups and emerges unbeaten.

It tells of his rise through the tough ranks of Aussie comedy…

Many long and wonderful, event filled years of marriage.

When Asked, his wife (Karen) states” it has never been boring” !!

Three daughters, several granchildren and growing.

This is an Australian story that covers all bases. Belly laughs, Aussie humour, adversity , pathos , mate-ship , action and adventure. Col Elliott’s story will surprise many … An enthralling read.


My Thoughts




In Australia we have a habit of making our criminals our heroes, Ned Kelly and Mark Chopper Read are just a couple, But after reading this book, My New Australian hero is Col Elliott, For someone who had defended our country, risking his life and saving others, Keeping us entertained and brave enough to admit to his flaws in this amazing Memoir, Col is truly an Aussie Icon and Hero.

I grew up hearing about Col Elliott he is a favorite of my parents, although I may have been too young to understand his jokes, those I were allowed to watch anyway he was still a house hold name growing up.  As I got older only then did I understand the brilliance of this man’s unique brand of Comedy.

Col Elliott has a fantastic way of making the audience feel involved in his skits, and with his Aussie humor and adult jokes, you can’t help but laugh throughout his performance.  What I didn’t hear though is what started his comedy career and what was going on off stage in his life.  In Between the Laughter you get and Inside pass too his life from when he joined the Navy at a really young age to his honest account with his battle with Alcohol. although the book has some strong subjects like war and Alcoholism, it does not stop you from laughing at his stories and feeling touched about the positive points in his life.

When I picked up this book I thought it would be like every other Memoir I have read, a long-winded dark and drawn out story reliving the dark days of his career, like you get with a lot of Memoirs these days, I was pleasantly surprised though when I started reading and It was nothing like that at all.

We have a tradition in Australia, that when we have BBQ’s and no we don’t eat Shrimp on a Barbie, The men mostly will drift off and spend the night drinking and talking about funny events in their lives, basically Talking Shit.  This is what It felt like too me, Short wonderful stories, still in chronological order, from Col Elliott’s life.

I found his stories, to be entertaining, funny and human, I particularly loved reading about his exploits in the Navy.

Overall I loved this book and I am giving it 5 Stars, In between the laughter kept me up at night reading and laughing at his exploits, as well as feeling emotional when he talks about his family and his problems with Alcohol. I highly recommend this book for anyone wanting a lighter memoir to read, or even if you are just up for a laugh, grab this book you won’t be disappointed, I know I wasn’t .

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This is a pretty tame clip from Col Elliott, but if you want to see the more Adult clips just do a quick search on YouTube.


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