Theirs by Hazel Gower #Review

Title: Theirs

Author: Hazel Gower

Series: The Bears

Publisher: Evernight

Source: Indie Authors Down Under Event 2014

Release Date:  February 2013

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The Synopsis

Susie goes to gym to lose weight and hires a hot personal trainer she doesn’t realize is a bear shifter.

Brian is a co-owner of Healthy Bodies and his mate has just walked through the door looking for a personal trainer. He knows he is the right bear for the job. The only problem is, he’s not Susie’s only mate. His brother Blake is in the running too. Can they learn to share?

They must convince Susie she is theirs. Together Blake and Brian teach her how great food can really be, and exercise can be a lot of fun.

Will Susie be able to handle two bears taking over her life? Can she live in this strange new paranormal world? Is she strong enough to stand by her two men?

My Thoughts




I met Hazel Gower at Indie Down under this year, Theirs is one of the last books I picked up for the day, I love Shifter stories, and I have not read too many bear ones, so I must say I was surprised with how much I enjoyed this story.

Susie decides that she needs to lose weight so she joins a gym and signs up for a personal trainer, feeling embarrassed she hopes for a female trainer.  Brian takes one look at Susie and decides that she is his mate, which gets a bit hot because for her first session they are locked in his office and are up for some steamy fun, I did find this a bit strange as they have only just met, although they have extreme sexual tension because of her being his mate I find it out of character for Susie as she has no body confidence and here she is getting it on with an extremely hot personal trainer.

As she is leaving she meets Blake, Brian’s brother who is also her mate. they all have to overcome their jealousy and lust to find a neutral ground for her new relationship.

I did really enjoy this story, It was a fun read and I get the author was trying to write a story about a BBW, which is fine by me but I found the story focused too much on her weight. I love the interaction between the brothers and the rest of the family and I am looking forward to reading ours, the next book in the Series.





3 thoughts on “Theirs by Hazel Gower #Review

  1. It is great to meet an author, then really enjoy their work! It gives you a bit of satisfaction, doesn’t it!
    Theirs sounds like a good paranormal read, and it fantastic to see you enjoyed it. I think I would like Susie and Brian very much!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

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