Australian Author of the Month – Leigh Hutton Rev Girl #Review

22031265Title: Rev Girl

Author: Leigh Hutton

Series: Go Girl Chronicles

Publisher:Leigh Hutton Books

Source: Supplied by Author

Release Date:  May 2014

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The Synopsis

Inspired by a true story

It’s hard to be the new girl, but it’s even harder being the new girl who races dirt bikes . . .

Ever since her parents forced her to move from Canada to Silvertown, Colorado, Clover Kassedy hasn’t fit in. So how do you deal when everyone hates you?

Focusing all her energy on racing her motorcycle did it for a while, but now that Clover’s managed to find a bestie and a boyfriend, the pressure on the sixteen-year-old is worse than ever.

She’s determined to get to the World Championships, where she could finally meet her idol – an Australian, the World Champion – and have a shot at becoming a professional dirt bike racer. But with her super- competitive dad, workaholic mother and relentless bullies at races and at high school, Clover is struggling to make her dreams a reality.

Will it be her scheming ex-best-friend who shatters her world? Or will she let her ‘perfect’ boyfriend – the guy who has finally made her feel like she belongs in their school and their town – stop her from becoming an international racing star?

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My Thoughts




I introduced our Aussie Author of the Month Leigh Hutton to you at the start of the month with her debut book REV GIRL.  I honestly can’t rave enough about this book, I loved it from start to finish.

Rev girl is a fresh take on Contemporary Y.A novels, we have a heroine that doesn’t mind getting dirty or a few broken bones either as she makes her way to becoming a Motor Cross Champion.  Clover has a few obstacles that she needs to get past  to achieve her dream of becoming a professional rider, which include nasty competitors, bullying at school, A mother that spends all her time on her little sister’s passion for dancing and a sometimes a pushy competitive father, throw in the normal drama of dating and high school and you have an awesome book.

The Characters are well Written and I could really admire Clovers determination, although wanting to be a normal teen, she also never truly gives up her dream of becoming an international dirt bike rider, from a Jerk of a boyfriend,  a best frenemie, tough competitors and Injuries she never lets anything come between her and her dreams, especially considering that she is a female in a male dominated sport I really loved Clover as a character.

Kerry was another great character, although rivals she still helped Clover and stayed friends no matter what, which is amazing considering Clovers best friend Sera has trouble accepting Clover’s dream. I found Kerry and her family to be refreshing and honest as a friend and character, no backstabbing or bitchiness involved, I would really like to see her get her own book too.

Dallas, Clovers boyfriend was a jerk from the start I could not find anything I could like about him. but he is important part in her story line making her stronger to be where she wants to be.

My family and I spend most weekends motor bike riding , although I admire anyone who can ride and race dirt bikes I give more thumbs up for girls that do, It is not an easy sport to be part of. (we just ride for fun no racing yet.) I was so happy Leigh contacted me about her book it is one of my favorites this year.  So if you love Y.A books but need a break from the usual topics pick up a copy of REV GIRL you will not be disappointed.


2 thoughts on “Australian Author of the Month – Leigh Hutton Rev Girl #Review

  1. Wow! This sounds like a fun read. I haven’t read one about bike racing before…
    We ride bikes on weekends down here too, the kids have some cheap quads and a couple of good 2 wheel yamaha’s … they just love it.

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

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